The Lightbringer - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
The Lightbringer is a poetic adventure/puzzle platformer with light combat elements, set in a beautiful world claimed by a vile corruption. Guided by your sister’s spirit, you must prevail where she could not. Cleanse the corruption, become The Lightbringer. Coming soon to Nintendo Switch.
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  • Caos Cromático
    Caos Cromático

    Wow, Bowser's Fury is veeeery different

  • Richie Anthony
    Richie Anthony

    Oceanhorn lite. Aka Zelda double lite.

  • Jordan Gish
    Jordan Gish

    This is either going to be great or a huge disappointment

  • wisnhu ariestanto
    wisnhu ariestanto

    the best new it's kabuki dasher in tokyo tour to get to the customization kabuki dasher bodies to go race 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, mirror and 200cc to get your the gold cup up get your 3 stars mario kart 8 deluxe upcoming for may the summer 2021

  • Edgar Godspeed
    Edgar Godspeed

    Ill be out when it outs

  • itay ost
    itay ost

    i wish falcom make new ys game like that !!!

  • Nicolas Colander
    Nicolas Colander

    Damn there makin a game about linkara

  • Zero Neoz
    Zero Neoz

    "It's me the Lightbringer!"

  • Dr. Anderson
    Dr. Anderson

    The goal of the game is to turn off that pesky adblock

  • Jorge Pedraza
    Jorge Pedraza

    Any demo?

  • Greg M
    Greg M

    They forgot the textures

  • Spooks

    Oh my god you guys have ruined this trailer with linkara references lmao

  • Andrue Juan
    Andrue Juan

    Ah yes. Zelda -1

  • Jason Scott Morris
    Jason Scott Morris

    Is this made by the same people who created The Last Campfire?

  • Mirage the Shadow
    Mirage the Shadow

    Oooh looks like an indie gem :)

  • anon neymous
    anon neymous

    Getting The Touryst vibe

  • p t
    p t


  • Papa L3gba
    Papa L3gba

    Not to be that poopie head debbie downer but this looks pretty bland. I feel like this puzzle platformer type of game has been done better a thousand times already, and this one just lacks umami.

  • Andrea Lorenzini
    Andrea Lorenzini

    It looks really clean but I don't like the floaty jumps

  • Luijo

    That looks pretty *BARN* good~

  • Spych0

    Oooh link to the past vibes

  • Protoform X
    Protoform X

    New Atop the Forth Wall game looks sick

  • Danny's Game Zone
    Danny's Game Zone

    So many indie puzzle games, getting annoying

  • Catherine Hintz
    Catherine Hintz

    Looks kinda like a Zelda Mario game

  • Biggie BK
    Biggie BK


  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

    Can you make? For Nintendo. Can you have the official Samus Sexual Posing as their logo? Can you have Samus taking off her outer suit and or taking her clothes off uniform. An extra slow manner? to show what's underneath her natural skin. The beginning of the game & Video Game Trailer. "Samus Undercover Team" to all kinds of new video games for Nintendo. Can open shop during January of 2026? Can you make in Japanese & American English in Audio & Subtitles? For mainly Nintendo Video Game at this time.

  • josue ocampo
    josue ocampo

    Looking that trailer, it gives me some Monument Valley vibes, it looks so similar to that game at gameplay mechanics

  • dark assasin
    dark assasin

    Protecting land and corruption from what? No enemy only jump here jump there. Whatta nonsense!!

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan

    It'll be out when it's out. We like that. Great work ethic.

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

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  • NoxiousSludge

    Lightbringer's development has NO SET SCHEDULE.

  • Molvert Fart again
    Molvert Fart again


  • Julian Miranda
    Julian Miranda

    and we like that

  • Peppino and Wesker: Friends Forever Club
    Peppino and Wesker: Friends Forever Club

    Linkara jokes aside, this looks cute and stuff.

  • Caleb Lambright
    Caleb Lambright

    Begone SATAN!!!

  • DruMeister

    Design wise looks bland compared to Zelda and Mario

  • Madison Campbell
    Madison Campbell


  • A G
    A G


  • DoggerX

    Do we get a fedora submarine?

  • Adhip Koshy
    Adhip Koshy

    Wow, Genshin impact is finally coming to the awitch!!

  • Matthew Mota
    Matthew Mota


  • Henrique Rosa
    Henrique Rosa

    Wait- this statue looks like Mono

  • Lag Seeing
    Lag Seeing

    This game gives off Ocean Horn vibes

  • Mzosquare


  • Impy

    Oh The linkara memes are excellent but nintendo must be so confused. At least its better than anything doug could ever make.

  • ThatOneMexiCHUNGUS


  • Nolan


  • green homunculus
    green homunculus

    I was watching various places...

  • Davichito Casimocho
    Davichito Casimocho

    something familiar does not appear on the cover of the game is the robot of luchy tales

  • Drpepperdew

    Did you learn your lesson hmmmm?

  • Ak_ vg
    Ak_ vg

    Looks great. Good night knight is another option looks nice to me.

  • nevermind12

    Big zelda vibes here, I've been itching for some new zelda content so I might just give this game a go

  • Joe LaLoggia
    Joe LaLoggia

    Wow! Didn’t know they were making a game about linkara!

  • TFG Television
    TFG Television

    Looks cool

  • chocolatepain

    Adventure puzzle platform? MY THREE FAVORITE GENRES!?!?! Wowie zowie!

  • Caleb Dean
    Caleb Dean

    When and how much 🤣

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy

    This isn’t a fantasy novel series written by Brent Weeks

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Hope Business Treats You Well, Nintendo. After All, You've Got To Pay Me Back By Friday.

  • Maxxor

    The thumbnail reminded me to Moonlighter

  • Nathaniel Chen 1
    Nathaniel Chen 1

    That "mmmmm" at the beginning sounds like the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum intro but it never starts and I hate that.

  • Pal Jardine
    Pal Jardine

    it is i

  • Austin Findley
    Austin Findley

    This video game's a mix between Wind Waker & Ori and the Blind Forest.

  • Lance Woods
    Lance Woods


  • Pax Mayne
    Pax Mayne

    i hope there's a little funny chewing creature in the game

  • BrazenBull001


  • Horo624

    i see boomerang i click

  • Kiriu Xeosa
    Kiriu Xeosa

    Premise: "What if the boomerang in legend of zelda was strong enough to kill?"

  • yoel chris
    yoel chris

    Why does this reminds me of LOZ puzzles ?

  • Count Drunkula the Punkula
    Count Drunkula the Punkula

    Why say coming soon? Just pull a power rangers rant and say "its out when it out"

  • Chrizinator

    But I have to ask: Does it have a set schedule? Will it be done when it’s done? Because 3 seconds of this trailer are better than 3 pixels of Sonichu: Lightbringer Boogaloo.

  • Addly Harrigan
    Addly Harrigan

    “Dear sister by the time you read this...”

  • awakenedCrowl

    Looks Interesting!

  • The PAL Defender
    The PAL Defender

    Cool that 2D Zelda is back in a way that isn’t a remake. Nothing against LA on Switch, but something original is nice every once in a while

  • dsriggs

    I remember when Iron Liz was there, the great Iron Liz... s'Okay...

  • The Isaac
    The Isaac



    damn breath of the wild 2 is looking good

  • Soul Slime
    Soul Slime

    Gah damnit

  • Filippo Giulietti
    Filippo Giulietti

    Why not a block push animation? :D

  • Braunstein

    dude i was so shocked when i saw the title because my favorite book series is titled "the lightbringer series" man some attention for these books would have been AWESOME

    • Braunstein

      @Alexander Peters yes, exactly what i was thinking of

    • Alexander Peters
      Alexander Peters

      An rpg where you build a drafter in the blackguard would be fantastic

  • SonicspeedLuke

    Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. Linkara's gonna teach you all a lesson you won't learn. Brodsky, you're not the smartest. Liefeld, you're not an artist. Anyone who's had a bad comic published, it could be your turn! Linkara! He is a man! *PUNCH!* Wears a purdy hat. Linkara! He has a magic gun; where'd he purchase that? Linkara! Coins, robots, Amazons and trucks. Linkara! THIS COMIC SUCKS! Linkara! Linkara sits down nonetheless, and forces himself through it; A poorly-written, ugly mess, but someone's gotta do it. And it's right about time he did; They made Watchmen without the slimy squid! And he'll have you know that that's pretty low, But not quite like the standards of the '90s Kid. Setting ablaze crossovers, one-shots and tie-ins, Linkara stands, in reality-defiance, Atop the Fourth Wall, lookin' down on us all; "Of course! Don't you know anything about science?" There would be better books on this show, But Quesada sold them to Mephisto, And now there's nothing left to do But share the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel with you! Linkara! He is a man! *PUNCH!* What's that on his arm? Linkara! Can't seem to fix the Continuity Alarm, Linkara! Rock 'n roll, Insano, some feller in a tux, Linkara! THIS COMIC SUCKS! LINKARA!

  • Octothorpe

    linkara jokes aside this game looks delightful

  • Shinesparker11

    I want some green M&M's now, for some reason.

  • Neet Scholar
    Neet Scholar

    Don't get me wrong, this looks nice. But when i see "poetic adventure/puzzle platformer with light combat elements", combined with that preview... I get this voice repeating "for 3rd-graders" ringing in the back of my head. Any worthwhile challenge in this game?

  • Anita G
    Anita G

    This reminds me of a sophisticated cellphone game maybe dancing keys in a way

  • Nicholas Lockwood
    Nicholas Lockwood

    And I saw - Linkara! The great Linkara! And he said it’ll be out when it’s out. We like that, great worth ethic

  • Tim0

    looks like a mobile game

    • Majora

      The switch is a glorified mobile device with no cellular capabilities.

  • Gene Usi
    Gene Usi

    Lara Croft GO?

  • Core Gameplay
    Core Gameplay

    There's no push animation? You look like you just press your whole body against boxes and levers to move them....

  • Austin Graham
    Austin Graham

    Wow... another platformer with a trailer without any real development in graphics...

    • Majora

      Bro, this is the switch. Plus graphics are expensive. Stop being so obsessed with them. You want graphics, go to an art museum or watch a movie.

  • Wooofed_

    Can't wait to get this game!

  • Tformer23

    No Iron Liz is a no buy for me, dawg.

  • Ihasnotomato

    (Don’t make a Linkara reference, Don’t make a Linkara reference, Don’t make a Linkara reference)

  • Super Mario Pro
    Super Mario Pro

    Art Fantasy Game Huh

  • Cristopher Crack Max
    Cristopher Crack Max

    Pay or free

    • Cristopher Crack Max
      Cristopher Crack Max

      Ti His game is so beautifull I need thia game

  • Harry Strack
    Harry Strack

    Nice trailer

  • Attimi

    "Dear sister, by the time you read this I'll be dead. Here's how I think it'll go..."

  • Ben S
    Ben S

    3D Mario and 2D Zelda's illegitimate baby

  • Mattposting Cinematic Universe
    Mattposting Cinematic Universe

    A meeting of the minds

  • ang3l921


  • Mythstorian

    When Nintendo announces a game basically called "Lucifer" :v

    • Impy

      I feel like the whole concept of lightbringer is pretty universal. I mean prometheus brought fire to man, and so did maui apparently? Modern depictions of the devil arent really biblical canon anyway, its all from paradise lost.

    • Majora

      @Lapis Lazuli I believe Lucifer, the name itself, translates to "carrier of light" or something like that.

    • Lapis Lazuli
      Lapis Lazuli

      No, it's Stannis Baratheon's sword.