Six Quick Things! with Monster Hunter Rise - Nintendo Switch
Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch!
Check out this #MonsterHunterRise Six Quick Things vid with Capcom’s Yuri Araujo, who walks us through some of the game’s new additions, including powerful pups and poisoned persimmons!
0:00 - Six Quick Things! w/ Capcom’s Yuri Araujo
0:07 - Nature of the Hunt
0:28 - Thrill for New and Old
1:18 - The Heat of the Battle
1:58 - In Store for Lore
2:36 - Buddy Up
3:19 - Alas, the Poison Persimmon
#MonsterHunterRise​ #MonsterHunter​ #NintendoSwitch​
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  • Juan Castro
    Juan Castro

    Bla bla bla

  • Dwayne Dwibbley
    Dwayne Dwibbley

    This game as I’m sure most know is awesome. It feels weird but is pretty nice coming from generations not drinking potions to cool down or to warm yourself up. The wirebug is so much fun. Please don’t buy the delux version. The items you get for the extra money are not worth it at all.

  • wisnhu ariestanto
    wisnhu ariestanto

    mario kart 8 deluxe but there was a new gliders it's rainy balloons rainy balloons it's black cloud the 2 cloud balloons to flying your gliders the rainy balloons right arrow customization in here high-end blizzard balloons right arrow customization in here and last but not least blizzard parasol right arrow customization in here it's 3 gliders update new karts kabuki dasher left arrow customization in here high-end red b dasher left arrow customization in here and last but not least the high-end black b dasher left arrow customization in here it's 3 karts new characters diddy kong voice a standard 8 it's diddy kong emblem diddy kong diagonal right down arrow characters in here and mii diagonal right up arrow in here to get the cup you finhishline the 1st it's the new update mario kart 8 deluxe nintendo direct upcoming for 23th summer 2021

  • n


  • J. H.
    J. H.

    You should be working on the Joycon drift problem -.-

  • Princess Narii
    Princess Narii

    So far really enjoying monster hunter rise Its a great new itteration in to the francise

  • Scott Windsor
    Scott Windsor

    One quick thing: Bring back Mario 35.

  • Ebefren Revo
    Ebefren Revo

    Top5 haters/fanboys/negationists comments in the past week on social/stream platforms : 1. "is this game on ps5 ?" 2. "is this game on PC ?" 3. "i will wait for the PC version, i dont play on a potato" 4. "amazing how this game can run on a tablet" 5. "World is better" Thanks for reading. (im already 30 hours in the game and have a ton of fun. Just get a Switch and play the game NOW guys)

  • Hamear-vos-ei !
    Hamear-vos-ei !

    Olha o brasileiro aí xD

  • Cococrash11

    Awesome Six Quick Things! with Monster Hunter Rise Video.

  • Fusion B8ZY09
    Fusion B8ZY09

    It’s quiet, too quiet

  • Chalice Blade
    Chalice Blade

    Genshin when?

  • Raoni

    Um brazuca no canal oficial da Nintendo? Aí sim! 🇧🇷

    • Hamear-vos-ei !
      Hamear-vos-ei !

      Pois é, muito massa heuahaue Só falta no Bomberman agora

  • Roth Sothy
    Roth Sothy

    Yuri on the Rise! I used to catch him on the MonHun Mondays hunts on Capcom-Unity back in the MH3U days!

  • RPG Crash
    RPG Crash

    1. dont get hit

  • Vanessa Kawaii
    Vanessa Kawaii

    with this accent I'm sure he's Brazilian 😊♥️

    • Born in Kokoto
      Born in Kokoto

      He is Brazilian.

  • jzillacon

    I love that Yuri's got an aelucanth helmet behind him. His "meet the monsters" series back in MH3U really helped me get into the series and since Yuri wore the aelucanth armour in most of the episodes I really associate that armour with him.

  • fano sumi
    fano sumi

    اللغة العربية بلييييييييييييييييييييزززززززززززززززززززززز

  • Heather Molina
    Heather Molina


  • Luiz Enger
    Luiz Enger

    I really enjoyed listening to this guy talking, he seems passionate about the game

    • Frenchy French SILVER
      Frenchy French SILVER

      Because you dont ?

  • killustrator


  • Foxy Faction
    Foxy Faction

    Put Tricky from Madness combat into smash

  • MSGSlayer1

    Trust me, those persimmons really hurt! Somebody nailed me with one once.

  • Tendo Kurama
    Tendo Kurama

    Genshin realize for april? 🤡

  • Herobrine 27
    Herobrine 27

    Rip Mario and his b day he dead

  • Beastinator

    ...add a lock on feature for small monsters

  • Wilfred101

    This was actually pretty useful

  • Wilfred101

    This was actually pretty useful

  • shaolinskunks88

    Japan don’t do April fools, however today in Asda mario all stars was still available

  • Nick K
    Nick K

    So the Lore is optional and you have to go well and truly out of your way to find it? That's disappointing. I hope the story, or at least the framing device, is more robust. Going from "Going to a new land and finding a monster the size of a small island and finding out what is happening and why" to "Monsters are attacking, in large numbers, the people who hunt them (which is something that apparently happens every so often in this world) and no one seems to be bothered or threatened in the least" is quite the shocking change. You should know this, but context can turn a boring, grindy game into something people remember fondly for their entire lives. I haven't seen anything in Rise yet to make me think that context exists in a quality fashion. For example. You have a character line that says "This Monster feeds off the other Monsters in the rampage." and the other characters seem shocked that Monsters eat each other. What exactly are they shocked about? Why don't they know this? Heck. Why is this even shocking? A large animal eating smaller, weaker, massed numbers of animals? That's what almost every predator that has ever existed does! So far, I'm disappointed in the game. Add all the cute dogs or creepy Asian twins or surfer dude ninjas you want, these people don't feel like they exist in a world where only two people seem to exist that could save them from being eaten. The clan leader and the player (who is apparently Monster Slaying Jesus because the clan leader puts slaying the largest Monster they've seen yet on his shoulders, despite just earning his hunting license a day or two ago!). Cognitive dissonance at it's finest. It's a bad sign when a large, dangerous Monster attacks and your hoping it will kill someone just to give you SOMETHING to be motivated about. oh. Also. Minor point but does this whole clan survive on Dango alone? Dango's really tasty, I know this, but seriously? You couldn't show off more cuisine? I still love watching the glorious looking food in Monster Hunter World after playing for about 250 hours. I got bored of the Dango Dance by the third viewing. And, that's kinda what this game feels like to me. A lesser version of World. Still fun, but the little life things that made you feel like a Hunter getting prepared, not a character in a video game preforming an obligation, just aren't there.

    • LunarPixel

      Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World are made by two different teams, comparing them doesn't really make sense

  • danekarl

    I cannot go back to not having Palamutes or wire bugs..

    • Cbg G
      Cbg G

      Palamutes yes, not so much wire bugs in combat anyway.. I still play the game as if it is Bloodborne with my sword and shield set.

    • Cognito Tan Khaii Hui
      Cognito Tan Khaii Hui

      I do not think palamute will vanish but not sure about wirebugs

  • undertaker150000

    Speak up! Can't hear you in the video young man.

  • Mudshrooze

    Still wish my Pet was A Boar

  • ineedhelp8462


    • ineedhelp8462

      @Sunbro Solaire bless homie now i just need mine

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire

      I got my plate by the way.

    • ratha222

      @Sunbro Solaire ok sorry

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire

      @ratha222 What do you mean “what”? Read my reply bro. I don’t like Ragegaming and I refuse to watch anything he creates or has a hand in creating.

    • ratha222

      @Sunbro Solaire what?

  • 6AT0

    Hey, this right here, it’s the new golden standard for MH. It’s so amazing and I’m absolutely hooked on it. Keep MH like this. You guys perfected the balance for new and returning players. 🙌❤️

  • ALAN ˆ ̆ˆ
    ALAN ˆ ̆ˆ

    The video cool 👍


    Olha o Yuri aí rapaz! 🤩🇧🇷

    • Luiz Enger
      Luiz Enger

      Quem é esse cara? Logo de cara achei que ele tinha um sotaque de brasileiro!

  • Chaydan Morgan
    Chaydan Morgan

    Revive mario

  • kish45

    So did Tunche get canceled?

  • Wafflez

    6 quick things! 1. Wait to buy until the PC port in a year. 2. Wait to buy until the PC port in a year. 3. Wait to buy until the PC port in a year. 4. Wait to buy until the PC port in a year. 5. Wait to buy until the PC port in a year. 6. Wait to buy until the PC port in a year. Thanks for watching.

    • Kappin R-M80s
      Kappin R-M80s

      No way, I can't wait that long! But I'm buying it again on PC lol

    • Elk

      I bought a switch for Rise and honestly it runs pretty good, plus it's nice to be able to just pick up and play for 20 minutes whenever instead of the much higher commitment to playing on the PC

    • Taker369

      It already sold over 4 million units without a pc release so go back to your master race and stay there

  • Santiago Venegas Contreras
    Santiago Venegas Contreras

    Botw 2 please

  • Victor Zavala
    Victor Zavala

    Has anyone revived their amiibos from GameStop cause I haven’t and it’s been a week and they don’t know when they are comming

  • JayRock21122


  • junglefury45

    I'd rather be a Rider than a Hunter

  • Matthew Lawton
    Matthew Lawton

    You know what's even quicker? Turning the Mario 35 servers back on. What is actually wrong with you people in Japan?

  • Jhonny Roger
    Jhonny Roger

    Esse cara é Brasileiro né? Kkk Notei pelo nome e sotaque, se for, que foda um BR representando um jogo desse porte 😍🇧🇷

    • Rangxelo Dinamito
      Rangxelo Dinamito


  • BuhTheBee

    Dude... Mario is dead...

  • Plain Moon
    Plain Moon

    Rip Mario gone but not forgotten

  • Balboa Baggins
    Balboa Baggins

    This channel needs more dislikes and less subs.

  • SupremeoreocatYT 62
    SupremeoreocatYT 62

    Nintendo you probably made less games. I don’t know what’s going on

  • Djinn Geist
    Djinn Geist

    Sorry, can't watch this, too busy with my HR7 Hunts

  • Super Mario Amileo
    Super Mario Amileo

    Did you remove super Mario 3-D of stars for April fools prank

  • Haste

    Thanks, I didn’t know any of this!

  • Chaoss

    Where is our April Fools joke?

  • ZyroXZ2

    Dear Random American MHRise Players, Please stop embarrassing us. Don't take more than your share of supplies, stop fainting from trying too hard, and actually send likes to people who carried you. - MHRise Player Who Enjoys the Teamwork and Integrity of Most JP Players


    This is my first time playing with world mechanics. A lot of there are great quality of life improvements. I started on tri ultimate on wii u. Then it died off for me till generations ultimate on switch where I really got into it. And now rise is my third game in the series

  • Cody Lint
    Cody Lint

    ad fnaf world on ninrendo switch and onaf and onaf 2 ples :(

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams

    So, do the Hunters talk in this game? I'm pretty sure I've been hearing actual voice lines, instead of "Hyaaah!! Nyaaah!!"

    • Blakey T
      Blakey T

      @Anthony Williams I can imagine! I'm not a veteran so it's probably less jarring for me

    • Anthony Williams
      Anthony Williams

      @Blakey T OK, thanks just making sure. I'm so used to the mute Hunters, that hearing them talk caught me by surprise

    • just an ordinary pigeon
      just an ordinary pigeon


    • Blakey T
      Blakey T

      Yeah there's been tons of footage in the trailers showing them talking :) they have voices in English, Japanese, and MH language, I believe

  • Vergil Son of Sparda
    Vergil Son of Sparda

    Hello traveller welcome to another Nintendo video. Yes the comment section is as terrible as always. There's nothing worthwhile to see here. Carry on.

  • Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez

    Monster Hunter Rise Review Scores: IGN Japan- Perfect 10! Masterpiece! DreamcastGuy (IRbin Channel)- Perfect 10! SwitchPlayer- Perfect 5 Stars! Screen Rant- Perfect 5 Stars! Masterpiece! Gfinity- Perfect 5 Stars! Daily Mirror- Perfect 5 Stars! Gfinity- Perfect 5 Stars! Final Weapon- Perfect 5 Stars! Shindig- Perfect 5 Stars! Vooks- Perfect 5 Stars! GameXplain- Loves It! Eurogamer- Essential! Stuff- Perfect 5 Stars! Nintendo World Report- 9 out of 10 Hobby Consolas- 95/100 Easy Allies (IRbin channel)- 9 out of 10 NintendoLife- 9 out of 10 Excellent MyNintendoNews- 9 out of 10 GamesBeat- 4 out of 5 Shacknews- 9 out of 10 Gamespot- 9 out of 10 NintendoEverything- Thumbs Up! GamesRadar- 4 Stars out of 5 Polygon- Recommended! Siliconera- 9 out of 10 One of the Best Entries Yet! Destructoid- 9 out of 10 VG247- 4 Stars out of 5 The Games Machine- 9.2 out of 10 Metro GameCentral- 9 out of 10 Digital Trends- 4.5 Stars out of 5 Critical Hit- 9 out of 10 Digitally Downloaded- 4.5 Stars out of 5 AusGamers- 9.0 out of 10 NintendoWire- 9 out of 10 Checkpoint Gaming- 9 out of 10 Amazing! TheGamer- 4.5 Stars out of 5 WellPlayed- 9.5 out of 10 Vandal- 9.2 out of 10 Player2- Grade A- Nintendo Insider- 9 out of 10 MeriStation- 9 out of 10 Comicbook- 4 out of 5 FextraLife- 9 out of 10 Press Start- 9 out of 10 CNET- It's The Monster Hunter Game I've Always Wanted! SA Gamer- 9 out of 10 Amazing! EDGE- 9 out of 10 God Is A Geek- 9.5 out of 10 SwitchUp (IRbin Channel)- 92% Famitsu- 38/40 GamingBolt- 9 out of 10

    • atreestump

      So that's why there's no Mario. They spent their money on all these good reviews

  • GenMars

    Legit best game of all time for me

    • Kappin R-M80s
      Kappin R-M80s

      @A J For me it's the thrill of discovering new things with the monsters, environment or weapons that I use. It's that sense of accomplishment I get when when I finally beat that "impossible" monster. It's the "Aha" moment when I go from bumbling around with weapons to learning where I can roll cancel to mastering the weapon and discovering combos. It's the satisfaction of wearing the trophy of that difficult monster. This is a game that rewards patience, dedication and cunning. There's a lot to love once you dig in enough but I'm only scratching the surface of what makes so many people love the game.

    • Toxic Timi
      Toxic Timi

      @Srihari Kidiyoor YEP, for me it was the lore of each monster and wanting to experience each of them firsthand

    • Srihari Kidiyoor
      Srihari Kidiyoor

      @A J Relax. We didn't like it at first too. There's a magic moment when it just clicks and you fall in love.

    • A J
      A J

      @Taker369 I did play it. And I still don't get what the big deal is. That's why I'm asking. Update: I played it a little longer and in really enjoying it now. I fell in love with the Insect Glaive!

    • Taker369

      @A J play it and find out

  • atreestump

    If you're wondering whether or not you should get this game just know that this game feels like it was created by a team that's never played a video game before. it is the most needlessly complicated game I've ever seen! I bought it at launch and still haven't made it past the tutorial... Day 1 I had to grab a pen and take notes. Had to take a break several times because I couldn't retain all the information that was being thrown at me. There's no targeting system so have fun flailing at nothing with a monster right beside you. I've never played a game quite like this one. Make sure you take an extra dose of adderall or drink plenty of coffee and clear your schedule. I've been playing video games for 30 years and this one made me feel like a novice. It might be a good game but I'll never know for sure

    • Kappin R-M80s
      Kappin R-M80s

      Have you tried the camera options? If you go to *Options>>Camera>>Camera Style* you can change "Target Camera" to "Focus Camera" There your camera will lock on to monsters but only large monsters. I recommend keeping it on "Target Camera" because the monsters later on in the game are extremely agile and the Focus Camera will spin around everywhere trying to keep up but at least the option is there. Also, if you're overwhelmed, I recommend just picking one weapon and going with it until other things make sense. The long sword is probably one of the best weapons to start with.

    • Karolina Borowik
      Karolina Borowik

      @Toxic Timi Thanks. Happy hunts for you too 😁

    • Toxic Timi
      Toxic Timi

      @Karolina Borowik That's great! Monster Hunter is actually really easy to understand when you have a friend who can help you. I hope you the best in your hunts!

    • Karolina Borowik
      Karolina Borowik

      @Toxic Timi yep, but for example i had problems with tutorials so i just learn 2 basic combos and practice little movements and go to first missions. In first gathering missions there are some small monsters to practice. Then i go again to training area to practice more. Im still new to the game (still doing (finishing) 2 stars in story mode) and now I am start to watching tutorials and start to understand something. In begining is hard, plus is take a while to get used to camera. Sorry for bad English 😇

    • Toxic Timi
      Toxic Timi

      Interesting take I can see why you would say that, but you should try going to the training area and play around with which weapon fits your playstyle then watch tutorials on that weapon.

  • Sam Fejes
    Sam Fejes

    i’m waiting for the april fools earthbound direct

    • Sam Fejes
      Sam Fejes

      @Don Rogers of course

    • Don Rogers
      Don Rogers

      @Sam Fejes I assume your a EarthBound/Mother fan? And maybe even a Mother 3 localization advocate?

    • Sam Fejes
      Sam Fejes

      fr thooooo

    • Don Rogers
      Don Rogers

      That would be the saddest Nintendo Direct ever

  • Caleb Eggert
    Caleb Eggert

    I’m going to be so sad when they release an April fools Metroid prime 4 direct

  • Amar Dodridge
    Amar Dodridge

    Fix super Mario sunshine

  • SaltyPpancakes

    Please give us Mario back😥😥

  • Jace Edwards
    Jace Edwards

    Can’t wait till the legacy of link, exhale of the wind gets announced

    • Colin T. Fite
      Colin T. Fite

      *cough* go buy Rise

    • Alexa

      Yeah ikr

    • Israel Wilson
      Israel Wilson

      Those are actually good name ideas

  • Hiro Watanabe
    Hiro Watanabe

    Cmon Nintendo where's the April Fool Joke?

    • Not a horse
      Not a horse

      they said splatoon 3 was canceled

  • BlueK


  • joão Guilherme Alves leite
    joão Guilherme Alves leite

    Quero um nintendo switch

  • Box Ssox
    Box Ssox

    Where’s the April fools prank

  • Zelandiart

    This game is really dangerous

  • Hansiger Obba
    Hansiger Obba

    Cringe everyone who makes mario jokes, memes. We get it but you are still not funny after you repeat the same joke for the 20 th time.

    • TRM


    • Toxic Timi
      Toxic Timi


  • Not_Ike

    0% of comments: about the actual video 100% of comments: MaRiO dEd AhAhAh WhErE mY aPrIl'S fOoL's JoKe

    • Alessio Cece
      Alessio Cece


  • Hazman

    Monster Hunter Rise need to sell more than 10 million units, then Capcom will bring their latest Resident Evil, Devil May Cry games to the Switch

    • My Boy
      My Boy

      No they won't. Those games were built with different architecture in mind they couldn't run on the switch

  • Blockman Video
    Blockman Video

    What’s everyone talking about not being able to play Super Mario Bros. 35? I got ten matches done this morning.

    • Blockman Video
      Blockman Video

      @French-Ish Toast I’m playing it right now

    • French-Ish Toast
      French-Ish Toast

      Well it left last month and I can’t play it....

  • Samuel D
    Samuel D

    Wouldn't it be cool and funny if Super Mario 35 getting taken down was an April Fools prank and they brought it back tomorrow

    • Toad Fan
      Toad Fan

      @Samuel D ohhh now they ended the online servive but in april 1st i could still play it lol

    • Samuel D
      Samuel D

      @Toad Fan no, you can’t play the battle royale game anymore

    • Toad Fan
      Toad Fan

      @Samuel D Same with the battle royale game

    • Alessio Cece
      Alessio Cece

      @Matthew Lawton 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Samuel D
      Samuel D

      @Toad Fan Not Mario 35, the battle royale game

  • DSLightning21

    6 Quick Things: 1. Mario died 2. Mario died 3. Mario died 4. Mario died 5. Mario died 6. Mario died And these "things" still apply AFTER April Fools. 😉

  • Bluntzy D
    Bluntzy D


  • MeinNameistRobin


    • dynamicsketch

      I thought it was about a hunter who is a monster.

    • Spidermonkey 14 banner
      Spidermonkey 14 banner

      I thought we were fighting people or something I how could we know

  • BowserPowser

    Im suprised mario is still playable in smash

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen

    April Fools!

  • Exotic_Sans

    Mario execution: Am I a joke you?

  • John Allder
    John Allder

    Day 4 of pestering Nintendo to bring back Doshin the Giant

    • John Allder
      John Allder

      @Don Rogers perhaps ;)

    • Don Rogers
      Don Rogers

      Sounds like someone familiar with Nintendo Life...

  • Ibuprofen

    Where’s super Mario galaxy 2 huh???

    • Trick BomberCrush
      Trick BomberCrush


  • Taiku Xie
    Taiku Xie

    that was best of six quick things with monster hunter rise, this is very good things.

  • Vidja Donkey VII
    Vidja Donkey VII

    Who's this Mario guy everyone's talking about

    • Goldie _Plays
      Goldie _Plays

      I don't know

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire

      I heard he was some obese Italian plumber who passed away yesterday. People are still mourning his loss.

  • Deandrew Powell
    Deandrew Powell

    Dumb question when u buy a digital version of a game . Do your save data save to your Nintendo account. An is digital better than physical?

    • RW Thunder
      RW Thunder

      Digital or Physical, your save data is saved on the Switch's system memory and tied to the user. If you have the Switch Online Service, most saves will be backed up on a cloud network that is tied to your Nintendo Account that you linked up to your User Profile on the Switch (some games do not support cloud saves/backup). As for which is better, physical or digital, each has its own advantages. Physical - hard copy of the game (digital storefronts can be shut down after x number of years), can be sold, can be shared/borrowed with friends, often cheaper if you shop around (Walmart likes to sell $60 Switch games for $50). Digital - Convenience (not having to carry around a bunch of carts), can't be lost/stolen, the games are tied to your Nintendo Account (not the Switch console) and can be re-downloaded, worth more Nintendo gold points. Im sure there are more reasons for each.

    • Spidermonkey 14 banner
      Spidermonkey 14 banner

      Digital better because you don't have to worry about it going missing it will stay on your switch forever

  • Squirrel Mario 247
    Squirrel Mario 247

    I thought the Mario dying jokes would’ve stopped by now ☹️

    • Hansiger Obba
      Hansiger Obba

      @Matthew Lawton na

    • Squirrel Mario 247
      Squirrel Mario 247

      @Matthew Lawton 😐

    • Matthew Lawton
      Matthew Lawton

      Who's joking? Everyone's pissed Nintendo can't behave like adults. What kind of sperglord says "no" to customers attempting to shove money at them?

    • 1stAid

      I hoped the overused "Mario's death" jokes stopped by now

    • Samuel D
      Samuel D

      @Hansiger Obba We just want Super Mario 35 to stay

  • Mateo Colegial
    Mateo Colegial


  • Aiden krup
    Aiden krup

    Rip Mario

    • Trick BomberCrush
      Trick BomberCrush

      Mario is alive

  • Zimon B
    Zimon B

    Monster Hunter Rise is the best game on Switch.

    • Zimon B
      Zimon B

      I mean neither of you are wrong. It's just my opinion and I'm madly in love with this game currently.

    • Toxic Timi
      Toxic Timi

      @Karolina Borowik I would say one of the best because I could never choose between them

    • Karolina Borowik
      Karolina Borowik

      I dont know if best (Zelda fan) but for sure one from the best

  • pitobayola


  • Joshua Zavala
    Joshua Zavala


    • Joshua Zavala
      Joshua Zavala

      @Not a horse Where?

    • Not a horse
      Not a horse

      they did, they said splatoon 3 was canceled

  • Patrick Valette
    Patrick Valette


  • Rewskie M
    Rewskie M

    Strange that they haven’t mentioned Mario at all since March 31st 🤔

  • 17Deluxe

    Anyone else want Amatsu?

  • mxc99

    Good morning

  • fordus k
    fordus k

    Mario is dead

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire

      Yes I know. Now wait for his next game to come out.

    • Trick BomberCrush
      Trick BomberCrush

      No Mario is alive

  • pacheco- pacheco
    pacheco- pacheco

    woody join the smash bros