Pokémon 25th Anniversary Special | Nintendo Power Podcast #37
In this special episode, Chris is joined by Camille and Jayson - two Pokémon™ superfans from Nintendo of America - to discuss 25 years of Pokémon. From their first Pokémon adventures to their favorite games and preferred partner Pokémon, the group shares their personal Pokémon memories and looks ahead to the series’ next wave of experiences coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system. The panel also shares the results of Pokémon fan polls, takes a Pokémon themed Warp Zone quiz and picks their most anticipated upcoming Nintendo Switch games!
00:47 - Pokémon 25th Anniversary
37:04 - Player’s Pulse
40:44 - Warp Zone Quiz
44:34 - Game Forecast
Ending music is from the Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version games.
Games discussed have been rated EVERYONE to MATURE by the ESRB.
If you would like to share any feedback or ideas for the podcast, or submit a question to possibly be answered in a future episode, please email us at NintendoPowerPodcast@noa.nintendo.com.
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  • David Brown
    David Brown

    Pokemon Theme great heard in it's GB version, anime version, and in Smash Bros (since Melee). Great listening to this podcast.

  • Marek

    Why does that james guy sound like alpharad at the beginning

  • karooadarsh karooadarsh
    karooadarsh karooadarsh


  • Jigglypuff Fan 1998 HD
    Jigglypuff Fan 1998 HD

    00:47 37:04 40:44 44:34

  • IGameAlot

    I’m looking forward to pokemon legend of arceus

  • Raja Mohamed Ahmed
    Raja Mohamed Ahmed

    Mario : Will die Nintendo : u will be replaced pokemon makes more money than u

  • wisnhu ariestanto
    wisnhu ariestanto

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  • Amy

    Question: What if a Pokemon in a Pokeball and they have Claustrophobia?

  • Omega Turtle
    Omega Turtle

    SQUIRTLE SQUAD!!! (I chose squirtle in my first game too!)

  • Mj Eleazar
    Mj Eleazar

    How about a real Smash Direct, please?

  • Ralphe-co-nz

    so cool having a Nintendo power podcast!!!!!

  • SolarPlasma

    So Nintendo Power is still around but not in the magazines that I knew and loved. I think nintendo should start reselling the old issues of Nintendo Power for those who are collectors or those who miss reading the magazines that they all loved.

  • LycanLink

    I woulda put some harder questions, like "in this game, you capture Pokémon with an energy lasso, and completing the story is the only way to transfer the Mythical Pokémon Manaphy to a mainline Pokémon title." Or "this game is the only one in the series in which you encounter Dark Lugia."

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

    Can you remake this Game? "Project Zero Maiden of Black Water Deluxe" Can you release October 23, 2025? On Nintendo Switch. Only Japan & USA American Version. In American English & Japanese for Audio & Subtitles. (2) Can you make Game? "Project Zero Maiden of Filthy Dirty Dark Water" Can you release October 25, 2025? On Nintendo Switch. Only Japan & USA American Version. In American English & Japanese for Audio & Subtitles. On Nintendo.

  • LycanLink

    "I'm excited to pick the same starter I picked last time, because I'm boring, predictable, and I hate to experiment."

  • LycanLink

    Pokémon Puzzle League was my JAM! I still love imitating those character soundbites! "The world will be mine!" "FOOOOOL!" "Mmmmagneton!" "Control your inner nature." "I'm feeling giddy!"

  • Budder Golem
    Budder Golem

    I definitely like how they are actively keeping the nintendo power brand alive and I honestly think a podcast is the perfect modern incarnation of the classic video game magazine

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

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  • n

    Hi jason

  • n

    Hi camil

  • n


  • n


  • ArturoBlox

    Y el chavo

  • Ryan Arthur
    Ryan Arthur

    New gen be like no toxic TM or TR even though it's important move for many Pokémon like Umbreon Move set for Walleon Toxic, Protect, Moonlight, Confuse Ray GG! No toxic dude do you even Umbreon or other wall Pokémon!?

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B

    Any news on when detective pikachu 2 will be released on the nintendo switch? I've seen alot of made up trailers for this and the anticipation is driving me crazy lol

  • Luther DePapier
    Luther DePapier

    Favorite spin-off? Pokémon Trading Card Game.

  • Coinzy

    My favourite Pokemon moment was the Christmas I got Gold and my 2 closest friends at that time both got Silver. The reason it was awesome is because we all picked 3 different starters without talking to each other. So when we came together that day to see how none of us picked the same starter it was a cool moment.

  • Coinzy

    Gen 6 brought me back to so it will always be special to me. Not my favourite as that’s definitely generation 2. Gold and silver was so good that when I tried ruby it turned me off Pokemon until X and Y.

  • Pharaoh TV
    Pharaoh TV

    It would be awesome if you guys did this as a video instead of just audio with a picture. We want to see your faces

  • Verloren

    For freking real? mario and pokemon anniversary but not zelda? whats wrong with nintendo these days

  • M Z
    M Z

    All three of these people were so nice and sounded like such genuine nice people, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this podcast till the end but I did! I'd love to listen to more in the future haha

  • Omari NASSOR
    Omari NASSOR

    My games are Emerald, Pearl, White, White 2, Y, Moon, Ultra Sun.

  • Guilherme Costa
    Guilherme Costa

    Pokémon heardgold 2 plsss It was the best Gen

  • Chalice Blade
    Chalice Blade

    Genshin when?

  • SonicDevice Gamer
    SonicDevice Gamer

    Nintendo Why You No Longer Like Mario?

  • Sgt. Sega
    Sgt. Sega

    Every game is someone's first experience. That's why you need to put a lot of effort into each one. You need to hook new fans the same way you did 15-25 years ago!

  • Landon Hastie
    Landon Hastie

    heart gold soul silver to X and y that dude totally skipped gen 5 wish i did too was the worst gameplay ever

  • Foxy Faction
    Foxy Faction

    Put Tricky from Madness combat into smash

  • Sako's Tech Spot
    Sako's Tech Spot

    I'm so glad Pokemon Puzzle League got a shoutout. Still one of my favorite side games. Super underrated. The concept of playing with a friend to screw them over with the bricks falling on them was genius. Plus you had the 3D puzzles. The whole game was just great.

  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris

    @45:08 Balan Wonderland

  • Chaydan Morgan
    Chaydan Morgan

    Revive mario

  • Balboa Baggins
    Balboa Baggins

    This channel needs more dislikes and less subs.

  • ZeldaDude

    I have just lost my patience

  • touch to make
    touch to make

    I love nintendo ❤🌹games and profession style

  • Jeroen Claassens
    Jeroen Claassens

    She wants to take riding Onix for a spin? DAMN GURL

  • josboy the cat
    josboy the cat

    I hope pokemon evolves more further in the future

  • Hugh Ma'an
    Hugh Ma'an

    Wonderful? Not a word i would use for anuthing in sword and shield

  • Weenis McBungus
    Weenis McBungus

    Meanwhile Zelda is still crying in the corner

  • TheHokkaidogaijin

    I like how the air quote pokemon pros can't even say Pokemon correctly

  • Cococrash11

    Awesome Pokémon 25th Anniversary Special Video.

  • Chris Woods
    Chris Woods

    Satoru Iwata should be remembered, Genius dude who implemented the Kanto and Johto regions together in Pokémon Silver, Gold and Crystal.

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

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  • ofu Sweet
    ofu Sweet

    Gen 4 remakes have terrible quality, but still looking forward to them...

  • Tkrds

    I never never played pokemon snap..not joking I may get down the line if ever on sale I'm personally willing to go full price just to take pics

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

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  • Jwanie

    Jayson talking about X/Y as favorites brings up a notable point: While Gen 5 has been praised a lot by the online community as of late, it was less successful in sales than any other generation. That's because a lot of fans like Jayson didn't buy the Gen 5 games when they came out, and didn't get into Pokémon again til X/Y. While I did get B/W at launch, I didn't get B2W2 til years later as my interest in Pokémon started to fade at that time. It wasn't til ORAS came out that I got completely hooked again. I can't wait for new Pokémon Snap and to re-explore Sinnoh; we should be getting more info on BDSP in June!

  • ClexYoshi

    I'll give this podcast some engagement because... I do appreciate that this podcast is allowed to be a thing, and... realistically the branding of his podcast was VERY important to my journey with Pokemon. You see, it all began with an innocuous VHS tape that showed up in the mail with my September 1998 issue of Nintendo Power, a blatant little bit of advertising that debuted anime protagonist Satoshi's localized "Ash Ketchum" name and explained the premise of Pokemon through the lens of live action actors who were important figures in Ash's life. the world of Pokemon was brilliantly hyped between this tape as well as the included "Pokemon Power" magazine included inside that month's issue of Nintendo Power. Given the big push and that at the time, I was the only one of my friends that had a game boy, I think Pokemon Blue was the first Gameboy game I got at launch, and soon I had it at school very secretly and became quite popular for showing there was a game boy game that went with the Anime that had premiered and everyone at school was talking about. I think the height of my pokemon fandom was the fifth generation; Black and White. Say what you wanted about the weather wars or disliking some of the pokemon designs, I felt there were so many smart evolutions of the formula and little details that made me think of the sort of RPGs I was playing on other platforms at the time Pokemon Red and Blue came out, games like Breath of Fire 3 or Hoshigami tactics or such that danced with doing stuff with beautiful pixel art on rudimentary 3D worlds. the way the pixel art pokemon animated, the energy to Junichi Masuda's compositions being at their peak while still having juuuust enough hardware restraint to not lose their identity... the brilliant quality of life improvements that were made and the efforts that started to come close to trying to tell a story worth telling...! the 3DS efforts all felt like such soul-crushing disappointments, and when Masuda-san announced at Treehouse Live that the franchise's thesis statement had become untenable? I lost my heart to even play it. My physical disability made Pokemon Go nigh impossible to try as well, and well... I can say without hesitation that I am a lapsed Pokemon fan, rapidly ereing towards becoming a lapsed Nintendo fan. I say this as someone for whom many works by the BRILLIANT artists that work under the brand of Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Gamefreak, Intelligent Systems, HAL laboratories... those works inspired me in so many ways, but the business and corporate end of your affairs have pushed me out so completely from wanting to actively provide great works patronage. I really do hope that internally SOMEBODY with power is reflecting on how poorly many of Nintendo's recent policies not only reflect poorly on Nintendo, but also how it pushes the world culture in a darker direction by zealously putting weight behind draconian copyright law rather than trying to reform it or collaborate with those who clearly have the same sort of fondness for Nintendo's iconography. I hope that for the sake of game preservation, a few precious yen can be left on the table for the sake of consumer friendliness and advocacy. I hope that dire manufacturing errors are vocally addressed rather than swept under the rug. I hope that someone back at NCL has the courage to step up, and admit wrongdoing not only to the rich elites holding the monetary puppet strings, but the public as a whole. it would be an unprecedented and brave move to have the courage to undo some of the horrendous wrong and damage you have left in your wake. It would maybe motivated this switch owner to brush off the dust, maybe get my joycon and switch serviced yet again, and maybe play a genuine Pokemon game again. In the meantime, I'll be playing Temtem. at least Nintendo Paralegal can't destroy that in the same way they did Pokemon Uranium, or Super Mario Bros. 35.

  • Mega Marina
    Mega Marina

    Rated M for MARIO!!

    • MarioBlox64


  • B's Tech Channel
    B's Tech Channel

    So sad, my first gen is gen 3 in an emulator

  • TopH4t

    I’d like to give a shout out to Pokemon Conquest as an underrated game!!

  • Chad Lancer
    Chad Lancer

    Oh hey don’t mind me I’m just digging the grave for mario

  • sebastianwillows

    2 seconds in and I'm so hyped for this new M-rated pokemon game...

    • DarNisha Miller
      DarNisha Miller

      I’m more hyped on brilliant diamond and shining pearl remakes

    • StrongWiled

      Pokemon blend, shoot Pokemon to death and then throw them in a blender

    • Matt Whaley
      Matt Whaley

      Pokémon a$$ version

    • Coalslaw 0
      Coalslaw 0

      edgy pokemon gotta kill em all

  • devil ze313
    devil ze313

    this is just not watching anymore nintendo. nor playing

  • Eevee gamer
    Eevee gamer


  • kineasx

    No idea who the peope talking are.

  • RadoMiami

    Mario, getting snapped away: Look.. I don'ta have a much time... The... The down-a-load code for Super Mario Odyssey 2 is...

    • MarioBlox64

      @Coalslaw 0 lol

    • Coalslaw 0
      Coalslaw 0

      6969 6969 4200 is the download code for mario odyssey 2

  • Rachel Family
    Rachel Family

    Rip mario

  • typer meme
    typer meme

    Video 11 of asking nintendo for F-Zero on switch (Happy aniversy pokemon fans!)

  • Carlous Cruz
    Carlous Cruz

    Nobody said Pokemon XD or Pokemon Colosseum... I’m hurt hahaha I want them back

  • Eduardo Rodarte
    Eduardo Rodarte

    Pokemon is trash 🤭 ps5 better

  • Viridian’s YouTube Channel
    Viridian’s YouTube Channel

    Alright, I appreciate the Pokémon representation on behalf of Nintendo; it just feels like a lot of things I already listen to, lol. I guess I was expecting more news of some kind. At around the last five minutes this podcast talks about the release dates of new games, other than that, it’s all sharing Pokémon experiences.

  • Lightw8baby s
    Lightw8baby s

    What a video to post up thats HELLA BORING

  • Steven George
    Steven George

    I hate how pokemon is to easy they need to stop making it for kids and add the difficulty modes most of the people buying and playing pokemon games are old ones where i live i nevee see kids playing pokemon ask them and they will say its not cool rather play gta or games like that

  • Steven George
    Steven George

    I love pokemon it was my favorite but i got bored of it every region the same got back in to it because of mega evolution then they take it of they don't listen to the fans or care hoping all pokemon games like the new legends coming out and pokemon Behavior and ai from pokemon snap

  • Weirdo

    What about Zelda

  • American guy
    American guy

    The remakes of diamond and pearl better connect to Pokémon home.

    • American guy
      American guy

      I just hope home connects to the remakes.

    • Kimberly

      Agreed. I have a high-IV Porygon-Z that I bred in UltraMoon that I want to use in the new games (haven't decided yet if I'll get Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl)

    • American guy
      American guy

      I want to use Pikachu, infernape, mega lucario, sylveon, Noivern and greninja in the remakes.

    • B's Tech Channel
      B's Tech Channel

      Yeah, it must be or I won't buy

  • The Official Lycanroc Youtube Channel
    The Official Lycanroc Youtube Channel

    Is Marios death just an April fools joke???

    • MarioBlox64

      i hope

  • Luke Saravia
    Luke Saravia

    I want earthbound in snes for switch please

  • Kawaiiblood lol
    Kawaiiblood lol


  • Seth Gaertner
    Seth Gaertner

    It should also be said, literally no one cares about nintendo power being a podcast

  • Xavier Borjas
    Xavier Borjas

    Mario is still alive, and tomorrow

  • Sector Omega
    Sector Omega

    "Yo peep this one...' "No more Mario 64" *THUD* "No more Sunshine" *THUD* "No more Galaxy" *THUD* "Noooo more Mario 35" *THUD* "You've been removed from the Eshop" *THUD×10*


    For a second I thought they were giving us blue red or gold & silver for the switch 🙄🙄🙄

  • Fraser grosvenor
    Fraser grosvenor

    This sucked

  • zonzika77

    Yay pokemon snap featuring thanos yayyyyy

  • ninja Cors
    ninja Cors

    Why does Nintendo not release one of the parts of the Black Ops in the Nintendo Switch, even if it is outdated?

  • ana

    These people are speaking at 0.5 speed

  • lolilol A
    lolilol A

    Never played Pokémon never will

  • lolilol A
    lolilol A

    Zelda ???? 35th anyone ???

    • The Official Lycanroc Youtube Channel
      The Official Lycanroc Youtube Channel


  • Knight of Arkronia
    Knight of Arkronia

    Who’s looking forward to New Pokemon Snap?!

    • Omega Turtle
      Omega Turtle


    • Kimberly


    • Joel Comer
      Joel Comer

      @Balboa Baggins lol for real tho

    • Balboa Baggins
      Balboa Baggins

      Only losers.

    • Carter Joest
      Carter Joest


  • TheMamaMiaGuy

    Well, apparently Pokémon is more important than the legend of Zelda and Mario’s half death.

    • ZeldaDude

      @The Official Lycanroc IRbin Channel how!?

    • The Official Lycanroc Youtube Channel
      The Official Lycanroc Youtube Channel

      i mean, it is the most popular media franchise of all time. I do hope that the Zelda 35th comes..

  • Elder Breed
    Elder Breed


  • Svenger Mc. Spazzy
    Svenger Mc. Spazzy

    Can Nintendo PLEASE fire the head of Pokemon already? They're running the brand into the ground

  • C24

    Bruh nothing new... This is boring

  • Kristian Polanco
    Kristian Polanco

    I love POKÉMON!!!

  • Diver Wolf
    Diver Wolf

    Poke Mon heart gold version my 1st pokemon was syndic well

  • Tidepool Clipper
    Tidepool Clipper

    Nintendo stopped caring about the preservation of their old games. Super Mario 64 (despite the collection version not being based on the more well regarded North American version) Sunshine, and Galaxy (with Galaxy 2 being treated poorly all of a sudden by Nintendo themselves) are now past the point of even being accessible anymore for anyone who decided no to support the scummy move of making both the digital and physical versions limited. No doubt in a few years Nintendo will even erase Super Mario 64 along with the Galaxy games from the WiiU virtual console (which ironically still has a better selection of retro games than Switch).

  • SrelioGo

    Id watch if it had a video.

  • Mark

    This comment be like: *Insert dead Mario joke here.*

  • Wayne Glass
    Wayne Glass

    I LOVED Pokemon Pinball.