Overwatch Archives 2021 - Nintendo Switch
Get back in the fight!
Battle your way through deadly new challenges and earn skins straight from the history books. The Archives have opened once again for a limited time, so join the fight live now!
#Overwatch #NintendoSwitch
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  • wisnhu ariestanto
    wisnhu ariestanto

    the best new it's red b dasher in london tour to get to the customization red b dasher bodies to go race 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, mirror and 200cc to get your the gold cup up get your 3 stars mario kart 8 deluxe upcoming for may the summer 2021

  • Mando 79
    Mando 79

    Why does the thumbnail have a skin from last year on it?

  • pinkerton

    so they’ve given up on making new game modes for archives..? can’t believe the dev team has gotten even lazier LMAOOO

  • my wife left me
    my wife left me

    dead game

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

    Yes Nintendo DSi (1) For Nintendo Can you make 2021? 80 New Video Games on Nintendo DSi Console (2) For Nintendo Can you make 2022? 280 New Video Games on Nintendo DSi Console (3) For Nintendo Can you make 2023? 458 New Video Games on Nintendo DSi Console (4) For Nintendo Can you make 2024? 673 New Video Games on Nintendo DSi Console (5) For Nintendo Can you make 2025? 964 New Video Games on Nintendo DSi Console

  • Boongis

    0:53 ok but iron man.

  • GrimShock

    And we still aren’t getting new story missions.

    • Nutsack Gaming
      Nutsack Gaming

      there focusing on Overwatch 2

  • Luhv Hue
    Luhv Hue

    Is this Danganronpa?

  • Svarte Natt
    Svarte Natt

    Ah my sweet 12 fps + Gamepad aiming!

  • Mysterio

    I want Morshu in latest Zelda games

  • iamV1nger

    I sympathize who playing overwatch on switch.

  • JacobTheDutton

    L'manburg tracer

  • Nabe

    I just want this game to die already so we can get the sequel and hope it is not nerfed into boredom like this one.

    • The M&M
      The M&M

      @Nabe you clearly don’t understand how game development works

    • Nabe

      @coney I mean, if OW just dies now (stops getting content updates) Blizzard will either assign the employees to other games or fire them, so there is a possibility of it increasing the development pace of OW2. And considering OW2 is the OW1 engine with some updates, chances are it is not that buggy nor early in development.

    • coney

      I guess you don't understand game development because if we got it now it would be a buggy mess

  • KingTaco1277

    Overwatch doesn't run well on the switch

  • Tf2 ____ ___
    Tf2 ____ ___


  • Nate Roe
    Nate Roe

    Don't worry, it's not worth it if you've played Archives before.

    • Nabe

      It is not even worth if you have never played them.

  • Balloon Animal
    Balloon Animal

    wow there straight just copying fortnite now.

    • Nutsack Gaming
      Nutsack Gaming

      H O W

    • The M&M
      The M&M

      Bruh no, this game mode was around before fortnite even existed, and probably before you existed too lmao

  • JoeliRavioli

    I don’t mean any hate by this. But are people still playing this? Like what’s the user base on this now?

    • Chespin 25
      Chespin 25

      I play all the time and find games quickly

    • Jim Digby
      Jim Digby

      Still high enough that you can get a game quickly.

  • Cuddles :3
    Cuddles :3

    Wow tf2 looks cool

  • ekurisona

    til overwatch is on switch

  • Virrad

    Still waiting for these to not be locked to a event.

    • Michael Semark
      Michael Semark

      overwatch 2 by the looks of it!

  • Aether-

    And the Pharah skin?

    • Demonslayer9904

      Weird thing Nintendo always post last years skin in the thumbnail if you like the skin it’s on sale for 1000 coins

  • Kog V
    Kog V

    Just reusing the same events, over amd over.

  • yeehaw

    Need more mercy skins

  • Jezen Lopez
    Jezen Lopez

    No it malo

  • Spab Family
    Spab Family

    That skin though

  • Marcus Far
    Marcus Far

    Fight for freedom stand with Hong Kong

  • Ramos R
    Ramos R

    This game still exists???

  • gabriel pisconte
    gabriel pisconte

    Wow nothing but skins again.

    • CatCV

      Its safe to assume theyre putting alot of work into Overwatch 2 and meanwhile release small updates to keep the game alive

  • Keith the rap battle’r
    Keith the rap battle’r

    Add Friday night funkin and halo to Nintendo please

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      One is a game made by like 4 people, and being on Switch means you can't have mods, so you'll just be stuck with the base game. The other is the only reason people play Xbox, and putting it on Switch means the Xbox is worthless

    • Sephiroth M
      Sephiroth M

      Neither can come

  • Oliver Rockets
    Oliver Rockets

    I play on PC I’m just here to see skins

  • Rehaan Rashid
    Rehaan Rashid

    Gave windows 11 from Microsoft.

  • Tomodachi

    If you bought Overwatch for Switch and not for PC. My condolences.

    • Tomodachi

      @Nutsack Gaming Shows how little you have researched. You can run Overwatch on a potato.

    • Nutsack Gaming
      Nutsack Gaming

      i’m not spending 2000 for a sub par pc

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      Have it on PS4 and Switch. I will admit that the Switch version is pretty trash, but the novelty of playing Overwatch on handheld still hasn't worn off, it's still a cool feeling

  • Dennis Duran
    Dennis Duran

    There are too many skins. Can’t wait for more actual content.

  • B B
    B B


  • ryou onuki
    ryou onuki

    Can you release build to scale?

  • Khalil Jackson
    Khalil Jackson

    What if Nintendo did an April Fools Mario Maker 3 trailer for April Fools?

    • nobody

      Mario Maker 3 will happen in the next Console. So it doesn't make sense to make it an april fool's.

    • Dr.Pepper YouTube. Trust me, it is real one
      Dr.Pepper YouTube. Trust me, it is real one

      For April fools?

  • Mr man
    Mr man

    Dead gam-

  • Kevin EOST
    Kevin EOST

    I still have trouble queuing into matches its always quite the wait :/

    • Kevin EOST
      Kevin EOST

      @Nicholas Cuprak yeah I saw that it's stupid, not even valorant does that imagine valorant said "alright you'll que in faster if you play sage (healer character)" it's lame in my opinion just let people play whoever/however they want

    • Dannydotme

      @Gee Kuis why are you here

    • Gee Kuis
      Gee Kuis

      yeah I think its due to 10 people playing the game

    • RayMKV

      I feel you, the role queue was the worst update to the game.

    • Dannydotme

      That’s why they implement the flex queue. Just use that for a few games and you’ll get tons of fast passes for DPS queue

  • Mao Zadong
    Mao Zadong

    Why is tracer a redcoat. Back in those days she would be excluded for her gender

    • Jim Digby
      Jim Digby

      Because it's just a skin in a video game not a war movie. They also still have scifi weapons.

  • SqueriPeri


  • ItsDragon

    Make a legend of Zelda movie

  • Dante

    Los archivos

  • artane5mg

    Until im seeing bo2, I will buy a switch


      Looks like your not buying a switch :[

  • Tae kwon-Fox
    Tae kwon-Fox

    People still play þis game...?

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle


    • Sephiroth M
      Sephiroth M


  • Titan Rising
    Titan Rising

    Awesome, this broken game will be even better with joycon drift

  • Awii


  • Ranger_Lucis

    L'Manburg Tracer, Soldier and Widowmaker skins POGG

  • CyberDragoon656


  • Gnashawits

    Still waiting for the tf2 vs overwatch update

  • Yo Soy Kari
    Yo Soy Kari

    Quiero un switch

    • Yo Soy Kari
      Yo Soy Kari

      @Ryu Comics 😰

    • Ryu Comics
      Ryu Comics

      Hola guapa

  • X.A.N.A.

    Black hair mercy is doing really doing things for me ;)

  • James Neg
    James Neg

    Hornet from hollow knight for smash

  • Oliver Closhoff
    Oliver Closhoff


  • Thomas Zhukov
    Thomas Zhukov

    Dat genji skin though

  • Niall Darragh
    Niall Darragh

    Luigi died in smash thats takeing it to far and mario almost dies I mean come on Nintendo show more respect for them all we want is galaxy 2 on switch and remakes of sunshine and 64 I no its hard work but pls try and pls stop makeing mario almost die hes the face of Nintendo

  • SinisterSplicer

    The skins don’t feel great this year

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      Yeah, one of the weakest event skin line-ups they've ever had. Samurai Genji is the only good one in my opinion, though Zarya and Zenyatta are decent

  • Chespin 25
    Chespin 25

    Overwatch Switch is on sale for 20 bucks. Its a great deal. One of my most played games on Switch so far!

    • Deviant Hamburgler
      Deviant Hamburgler

      @ProNintendo_07 People continue to play it because Blizzard updates their game. When I started playing up until now, 5 heroes were added, for free along with events, for free. That's what makes the game so great

    • ProNintendo_07

      @Deviant Hamburgler thx I got it yesterday and it seems there are still people playing it and it is pretty fun :)

    • Deviant Hamburgler
      Deviant Hamburgler

      @ProNintendo_07 I own the game on PC and Switch and I have almost as many hours on it as BOTW. It's a fun game still, has to be hands down favorite video game

    • ProNintendo_07

      Is it still worth getting despite being 5 years old?

  • Mr_M

    Its like Nintendo is having a mini mini mini E3 this morning.

  • Victoria D.
    Victoria D.

    mercy skin? omw

  • Cristopher Crack Max
    Cristopher Crack Max

    Nintendo, i need a frre game of mario in the nintendo switch no online please

  • Ryan 206
    Ryan 206

    Make the framerate better, legit 10fps

  • Davichito Casimocho
    Davichito Casimocho

    hello nintendo Mario 35 players the ones who took it out was you nintendo and everyone wanted to unlock Luigi nintendo and you took it out of the exclusive nintendo shictw store for those of the online In good shape. Nintendo

  • Pau

    I read "arrives on nintendo switch in 2021", "again?"

  • Ninja Pickle
    Ninja Pickle


  • NoLeifClover

    Just make Overwatch free to play already.

    • The M&M
      The M&M


  • Lemmymaster,Bas

    ah look, the cavelry really is here

    • ConArtist


    • Emerson Kelly
      Emerson Kelly

      Underrated comment

  • Taiku Xie
    Taiku Xie

    oh yeah overwatch yeah! that was awesome archives from overwatch, is very greatest history.

  • Platy the Perrypus
    Platy the Perrypus


  • Wolf Star
    Wolf Star

    Oh so this is overwatch 2?

    • The M&M
      The M&M

      No this is the normal overwatch. I think overwatch 2 is gonna be a holiday release tbh

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      You're about 1 year early

    • Tom20


    • Sir Vilhelm
      Sir Vilhelm


    • Sephiroth M
      Sephiroth M


  • Cat Mario
    Cat Mario

    Nintendo make mario kart 9 and Mario Odyssey 2 and Mario sluggers 2 plsssssssssssss do it

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      You know, now that your one comment on this IRbin video about an event coming to a nearly 5 year old 3rd party title has been posted, I'm sure Nintendo will see this, and when they see this, I'm sure they'll get right on it

    • Sephiroth M
      Sephiroth M

      Pls stop

  • Amber Anjuna
    Amber Anjuna

    it's like everyday is a direct, except i want to see a zelda 35th anniversary annoucement... i don't think we'll be getting it this way tho haha

    • Dragmire

      I bet they were waiting for the Mario 35th stuff to be done first before they did the proper Zelda stuff so we may get it this or next month

    • Please Count To 3
      Please Count To 3

      I just want something new. I'm already bored of the main franchises. I just want a comeback of the old games. It's always Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon. Luckily Animal Crossing and Splatoon changed all that.

  • Will H.
    Will H.

    Soldier 1776

  • Wyatt Lee Overson
    Wyatt Lee Overson

    Free melee

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      Oh hey, that movement still exists. Still don't care

    • Sephiroth M
      Sephiroth M

      Pls stop

  • Angie Diaz
    Angie Diaz

    I am SO READY!

  • Grayson River
    Grayson River

    OMG Yessssss!!!!!

  • Dhar Mann
    Dhar Mann

    Im not being funny but why do nintendo release games around a year later when nobody plays them anymore

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      I think Dhar Mann is having a stroke

    • metashadow24

      Are you talking about overwatch?

    • lirfrank

      Pretty sure Nintendo debuts their games on Switch

    • Dhar Mann
      Dhar Mann

      @soldado hyliano And Warface

    • Dhar Mann
      Dhar Mann

      @soldado hyliano Get yourself among us for the nintendo switch

  • Killergod

    That mercy skin gonna be in rule 34 instantly

    • nobody

      @Noleg Overwatch still has an active playerbase. Dead games are games which have empty lobbies because there are not enough players to start a match.

    • Noleg

      i think nobody care to draw a character from a dead game

    • artane5mg


    • mr.totolose

      No 🧢

    • Amer Alomair
      Amer Alomair


  • Switch Speedster
    Switch Speedster

    *video plays in 60 FPS. Switch version plays in 30 FPS* Hey wait that's illegal

    • Korkee Konrad
      Korkee Konrad

      @Veckler Yeah I know, but they're supposed to be adding that information to the screen. (Footage from PC Version) etc.

    • Veckler

      @Korkee Konrad It's most likely PC footage. A lot of games do that (unfortunately).

    • Ricardo Hoàng
      Ricardo Hoàng

      Activision Blizzard: Well we just need more money!

    • Korkee Konrad
      Korkee Konrad

      Unless they note otherwise which they didn't so yeah, it is illegal. However they are probably using hand me down footage from Blizzard and could probably pass the blame.

    • Nancy R.
      Nancy R.


  • Jason Beswilan
    Jason Beswilan

    How about you fix the goddamn drift first

    • Sephiroth M
      Sephiroth M

      This is defiantly the video to be complaining on that subject

  • Nocturne

    0:15-0:18 BITES ZA DUSTO

    • Pootisman

      @Nocturne Yes

    • Nocturne

      God, what happened here?

    • Pootisman

      @Nutsack Gaming though if you want to get overwatch don't get it on switch because switch online sucks.

    • Pootisman

      At least that is my personal experience with the overwatch community.

    • Nutsack Gaming
      Nutsack Gaming

      @Pootisman also all community’s have a Toxic side.

  • JamesPlaysRoblox


    • JamesPlaysRoblox

      @The M&M K

    • The M&M
      The M&M

      @JamesPlaysRoblox i was just making a joke

    • JamesPlaysRoblox

      @The M&M but adopt me sucks

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      Because as we all know, Roblox invented the idea of a PVE mode

    • The M&M
      The M&M

      Bruh go back to adopt me or somethin

  • why are you reading this long name
    why are you reading this long name

    peepee poopoo

    • Tøny

      Understandable, have a nice day.

    • Nocturne

      Truer words have never been spoken.

  • J.c.


  • luciscool

    dont be doo doo

  • MarkelESP

    Dios, me la suda muchísimo

  • Bird Enthusiast
    Bird Enthusiast

    the ai is like big yoshi. they're just sittin' there!

    • Dr.RamBihari Shrivastava.
      Dr.RamBihari Shrivastava.

      I want Morshu in more Zelda games

    • legend loli
      legend loli

      BEEG *Y O S H I*

    • Marcus Far
      Marcus Far


    • Crazy_ Apepperoni
      Crazy_ Apepperoni

      Videogamedunkey reference good one

  • Pau Villa Casado
    Pau Villa Casado

    Why not overwatch free

    • A Pug Stuck In a Toilet
      A Pug Stuck In a Toilet

      @Taint Tracker it still shouldn’t be free

    • Taint Tracker
      Taint Tracker

      @A Pug Stuck In a Toilet Lootbox games are many times more profitable than real games.

    • A Pug Stuck In a Toilet
      A Pug Stuck In a Toilet

      @Taint Tracker does that really qualify Overwatch as a game that should be free? Like, Blizzard isn’t making a living off of loot boxes that are 11 dollars.

    • Taint Tracker
      Taint Tracker

      @A Pug Stuck In a Toilet Super Smash Bros Ultimate does not have microtransactions. @The M&M Overwatch is completely built around microtransactions, there are no modes that don’t involve collecting lootboxes.

    • A Pug Stuck In a Toilet
      A Pug Stuck In a Toilet

      @Pau Villa Casado so? Some games are free, while others aren’t. Blizzard doesn’t have as much money and opportunities than epic games, I’m assuming, so this is how they make money. They make games. Epic games made one of the most successful games ever. They don’t need rocket league to cost money.

  • ArielGLR

    Nice, I was hoping to get a Mercy skin, I have, like, 35 loot boxes left un-opened, so im pretty excited

    • ArielGLR

      @Jack M yeah, but the thing is, that i have 35 of them which I will open, so there's no losing for me

    • Jack M
      Jack M

      Loot boxes generate their loot when you get them, not when you open them. Luckily the Mercy skin is a weekly reward!

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker

    If only I played OW

  • AlphaFlare

    yeah, Overwatch is cool. But it's not as cool as TEAM FORTRESS 2. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE ON STEAM

    • Razor

      I won’t be surprised that AlphaFlare is a bot created by the same people who put sniper aimbots in TF2.

    • Inkstar


    • Ben S
      Ben S

      Then go to a TF2 video if you think thats better you potato head

    • A dude On The Internet
      A dude On The Internet

      Guys look I found a bot his name is @AlphaFlare

  • LizzyBizzy TheCuteCat
    LizzyBizzy TheCuteCat

    “Check out this gun” The most random thing I’ve heard today. Edit: time 0:30 (around that time)

  • Geo The Leo
    Geo The Leo

    I’ve never played overwatch before..

    • The M&M
      The M&M

      @Ninja Pickle do you mean overwatch 2?

    • Geo The Leo
      Geo The Leo

      @Chespin 25 ok I’ll get it at some point.. and yes I need another first person shooter because Fornite kind of sucks now (in my opinion) and Apex legends isn’t the best.. so yeah I’ll definitely look into it, thanks!

    • Chespin 25
      Chespin 25

      @Geo The Leo I think you should get it on Switch. Its only 20 bucks. I think you'll have a lot of fun. If you like shooters you'll love Overwatch. I hope you get it and enjoy it :)

    • Geo The Leo
      Geo The Leo

      @Chespin 25 so should I get especially for switch? My friend wants me to get it because he has it and I’m thinking about it..

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      It's a very good game, but the community can be pretty toxic. The devs also killed a lot of the enjoyment of the game with some unnecessary additions, and the waiting times for a lot of game modes are ridiculous. Other than those issues though, it's a very fun game, and there's a massive expansion coming next year

  • Ilg000

    Ilg000 approves

  • Tommy Nguyen
    Tommy Nguyen

    Wait a minute, this trailer is in 60fps...

    • The M&M
      The M&M

      @LanceIsLazy I’m not sure cus the graphics seem a bit low for pc

    • Mehdi Mlahfi
      Mehdi Mlahfi

      @LanceIsLazy I know every third party games footage come from pc just joking

    • LanceIsLazy

      @Mehdi Mlahfi or its just the pc footage

    • Mehdi Mlahfi
      Mehdi Mlahfi

      Switch pro or xl gameplay

    • verified person
      verified person


  • Elite Biscuit
    Elite Biscuit


    one of the first!!!

  • Asa Andreas
    Asa Andreas

    Does Zelda even exist

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle

      No, she doesn't. She never has

    • Sephiroth M
      Sephiroth M

      Not the place for this

    • Ben S
      Ben S

      Dont rush them

  • Davy Stewart
    Davy Stewart

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment”

    • Gregorio 2522
      Gregorio 2522

      Thank you ^^

    • Davy Stewart
      Davy Stewart

      @AlphaFlare THANKS

    • AlphaFlare

      bruh ur literally the top comment it wasnt that hard

    • Joel Comer
      Joel Comer

      Thank you

    • ML


  • Charan Alampally
    Charan Alampally