Monster Hunter Rise Co-op Gameplay - Full Hunt in the Shrine Ruins
Nintendo Minute is never a minute! Today we’re on the hunt! We’re so excited to be playing Monster Hunter Rise together and we’re hunting the Kulu-Ya-Ku in the Shrine Ruins area. We’re still starting out but starting to get cool armor and weapons. Have you started playing yet? What is your weapon of choice? Also, if you have a favorite monster let us know in the comment section below. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!
0:00 - Let the HUNT begin!
1:01 - Challenge: How many pots & rocks does the Kulu-Ya-Ku throw in this video?
2:08 - Our weapons of choice (so far…)
3:50 - Multi Monster Battle!
4:41 - Riddle: where does the monster get a pot?
7:11 - Kulu-Ya-Ku hunted!
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-Kit & Krysta
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  • Kristoff Seisler
    Kristoff Seisler

    the first game was garbage is the co op fixed in this game so you can play it properly?

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire

      First game? You mean the one back in 2004? Or MHW?

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    wisnhu ariestanto

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  • Ex Tea
    Ex Tea

    Don’t buy it. I have been playing monster hunter for years and this is a dumbed down boring game. There is no hunting or tracking or story. It’s literally just running to a monster and fighting it. There is no progression and there is not exploration like the previous games. It’s sad as I am a huge fan but they really dropped the ball on this one. They did fantastic with world but I guess they got new people or just don’t care anymore. Wait until it’s on sale.

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire

      Counter Argument Rise isn’t dumbed down in the slightest. Sure the tracking isn’t as engaging and most of the village quests are a bit underwhelming in terms of difficulty (as well as the story), but the actual combat is the best it’s ever been. The hub quests are a decent challenge solo or with a group, especially in High Rank. The major systems in the game like the Canteen and the Weapon Trees haven’t been dumbed down, but rather made more accessible to newcomers. The story is also commonly regarded as one of the most interesting stories in MH History (only after MHW and MH4U probably), although it only really picks up in the latter half of the game with the Hub Quests. The only flaws I can name honestly are that endgame is currently a bit lacking (an issue will most likely be alleviate in later updates), and that the meta trivializes the game a little TOO much.

  • Sir Corgi The First
    Sir Corgi The First

    If you press r on the switch you can actually make your palamute go faster and if you hold L then let it go for a while, your palamute will do this nice boost

  • Isaiah Juan
    Isaiah Juan

    I can't wait to play this with no experience and get clapped. No idea what imma use either XD

  • אלון כהן
    אלון כהן

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  • Erji K.
    Erji K.

    "I've been using this weapon for a long time" Doesn't even enter demon mode smh

  • BNS0510

    Not weeb enough to know that dual blades have demon mode.

  • 2095 cris
    2095 cris

    Yeah im doing a insect glave build for start its awesome

  • dinodilidragon - Dalton
    dinodilidragon - Dalton

    Abaixa o preço dos jogos, a realidade do Brasil é diferente, três jogos estão praticamente mil reais. 😥 pfvr Nintendo todos os brasileiros pedem (os lucros irão aumentar muito). E o Nintendo switch online tem muita pouca coisa 😥 😊😊 It lowers the price of games, the reality of Brazil is different, three games are practically a thousand reais. please Nintendo all Brazilians ask (profits will increase a lot). And the Nintendo switch online there is very little 😥😥😥 😊😊

  • Corinne Hansen
    Corinne Hansen

    Kulu-Ya Ku is one of my favorites from the series... I'm still waiting on getting my copy of Rise though. I pre-ordered it through Gamestop because they were the only ones to sell the amiibos too... big mistake. I'll never pre-order a game from them again unless they change their pre-order shipping policies. Very disappointing!

  • Cbrogodess CB
    Cbrogodess CB

    I was gonna click off this video if it wasn’t Nintendo Minute.

  • Bogdan100pink

    Not just a minute, false advertisement

  • John Allder
    John Allder

    Day 1 of asking for Doshin the Giant on the switch

  • danekarl

    The scientific name is BIRD UP.

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    Alexander Redhorse

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      Triforce SwitchPS4XBOne


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    Santiago David Hernandez Perez

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    Alexander Redhorse

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    • RW Thunder
      RW Thunder

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  • Paiwand Bahaden
    Paiwand Bahaden

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  • L the M
    L the M

    When you get suspicious of them not posting a lot, so then you wait for a large announcement, nothing happens, so you go back to speculating.

  • Travis AKA snake
    Travis AKA snake

    this game looks pretty good........

    • TRM

      It is a lot of fun

  • Angel Yuman
    Angel Yuman

    are they going to release a switch pro Lite? If so, I buy it because I am not very interested in connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV.

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    ño foxy 777 pocket code

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  • Ten Kaze
    Ten Kaze

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  • AnaxErik4ever

    Not my favorite CapCom franchise, but it's cool that this great looking, great playing game is finally out.

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    fortnite yes apex no

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  • Andrew Reeser
    Andrew Reeser

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    kinge of memes 13

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  • Mister K
    Mister K

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    Remy 12

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    Eydhan Paul García Rodríguez

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    Jezen Lopez

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  • Tatuzka

    Looks like such a downgrade from monster hunter world :(

  • El Indigeno
    El Indigeno

    They made the same control as Monster Hunter Generation? I wasn't a fan. I wish they used the mechanics as in Monster Hunter world.

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      WalkInToBrickWalls ForDays

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    • RW Thunder
      RW Thunder

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    Alexander Redhorse

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    • RW Thunder
      RW Thunder

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    Alexander Redhorse

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    • RW Thunder
      RW Thunder

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    Alexander Redhorse

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      RW Thunder

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    Rodríguez lopez Isaac Antonio

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  • Wolf G4mez
    Wolf G4mez

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  • Aljohn Castro
    Aljohn Castro

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  • Keaton Smith
    Keaton Smith

    If there was a new Kirby game coming this year for the switch, I hope Wham Bam Rock comes back as a boss because we all missed him.

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    No other Like my own skin

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  • Xavier Hayden
    Xavier Hayden

    Just no

  • Xavier Hayden
    Xavier Hayden


  • Bowen

    First one I played was world, now I'm hooked

    • Ex Tea
      Ex Tea

      If you liked world you won’t like rise. It’s the worst I’ve played of the whole series and world was my favorite. Rise is a joke. No exploration, no tracking, no story or progression.

  • The mexican paper pal
    The mexican paper pal

    nintendo,bring back tomodachi life on switch it's a great game :)

    • Andrew Reeser
      Andrew Reeser

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    robinson albert

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    Jesus Martinez

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  • Traig jr's master channel
    Traig jr's master channel

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  • Vitamin ω
    Vitamin ω

    Nice armor

  • EFL

    7:40 They're done carving and have to wait for the remaning time to run out. (while doing their best to try and keep the video interesting) Garbage game design. Why does Monster Hunter series still keep this mechanic even after so many entries is beyond me.

  • Bruh Bruhh
    Bruh Bruhh

    Shinobi stricker pls

  • Only1 ChristianK
    Only1 ChristianK

    Nintendo when are you going to do sonic rift trailer.

  • suwwt

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  • Josephina Reyes Soto
    Josephina Reyes Soto

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  • ArchesBro

    Can we get a Masahiro Sakurai style tutorial? I dont understand how this game works. I already have a short backlog of games and have not bought

    • tangy tablets
      tangy tablets

      I think Arekkz gaming and GaijinHunter usually have some great tutorials, but not sure if they have ones for Rise yet. GameXplain have their own version of basic weapon tutorials right now. Pretty easy to understand.

    • ArchesBro

      @Orogoth Mmmm I saw someone else mention his channel too. Will check it out

    • Orogoth

      Gaijin Hunter is a nice channel with great tutorials about this saga, I strongly recommend it

  • Dion Thomas
    Dion Thomas

    Wear you get 2 blue joycons? I'm sick of dule colored joycons I just want one color

    • Dion Thomas
      Dion Thomas

      @ArchesBro thanks bro I'll search for it

    • ArchesBro

      Dragonquest edition switch joycons my guess.

  • Beanos

    2025? Mario galaxy 2 15 bday Mario galaxy 2 switch? Pls

  • Ghost Turkey
    Ghost Turkey

    the monster hunter rice looks very good, although i still buy it

  • Dr out
    Dr out


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    George gamer

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  • Wanda Pardo
    Wanda Pardo

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  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez

    I have a question what about Breath of the Wild 2 ,did you forgot about it🤔?Or it will be a super good graphics game and it will take "100 years" to finish it🤩? WE NEED ANSWERS NOT MORE QUESTIONS!😂😂😁

  • hjames78

    Why are they bothering the poor monsters? Those monsters were just minding their own business.

  • Te Ur
    Te Ur

    If you play farnite please stay the F away from monster hunter! This ain't a dumb game! Monster hunter = hardcore gamers!😎

  • Te Ur
    Te Ur

    Nintendo fans don't play monster hunter, only pokemon and mario!👎

  • Ryleicuzwhynot -
    Ryleicuzwhynot -

    Yall kinda rude for making SML stop using Mario im jeffy

  • Jaboca

    Nice Armor

  • Catface

    Didn't it throw 3 pots and 3 rocks? Or was it 4 pots?


    When will you guys release call of duty mobile on nintendo switch.

  • adam eldridge
    adam eldridge

    New hunting horn is amazing!!

  • Tax Nabro
    Tax Nabro

    My very first Monster hunter was the 4th one on Nintendo 3DS . I gotta say Rise becomes the next gen hunting game

  • Baulos

    Please paper mario all Stars

  • J Buon
    J Buon

    I wish Nintendo got actual gamers for these videos

    • Te Ur
      Te Ur

      99% are fake monster hunter fans!😂🤣🤣

  • Stephen Vianna
    Stephen Vianna

    Love this game. Palamutes are awesome. If you tell your buddies to wait you can interact with them.

    • dynamicsketch

      I should do that.

  • Enrique Pinero
    Enrique Pinero

    Is there coop for the main campaign or is it separate?

    • Orogoth

      There are two large quest categories that work as campaigns: - Village Quests (1 player only) - Hub Quests (1 to 4 players) You can play the whole story solo or with other players, as both questlines complement each other.