Godstrike - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Godstrike is a time-based twin-stick shooter where you must face ruthless bosses in intense 1v1’s! Play as Talaal, the last Herald, hunted by her sibling. Time is your currency and health, use it to create ability combos and fight for glory on the high scores!
Coming to Nintendo Switch on April 15th, 2021. www.nintendo.com/games/detail/godstrike-switch/
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  • eeosou inst
    eeosou inst

    делай со. словами. только. рускими

  • peachy dls
    peachy dls


  • funky

    Bruh, half the bosses here are literally ripped off from Titan Souls...

  • Miguel Angel Alvarado Matos
    Miguel Angel Alvarado Matos

    In to FURI yeah

  • Leonardo Daniel Sánchez Salazar
    Leonardo Daniel Sánchez Salazar

    It looks like Itta but more polished

  • Joshua

    Looked lile Yiha or Sheikah at first

  • Arouxayis

    idk why i saw the art and had thought this was going to be from supergiant.

  • LuisHSK

    it looks kind of generic to be honest...

  • zwei

    advertised like hades but is actually a furi clone

  • phoenixonfire83

    Wow a fury clone !! why pay full price for this when u can get a cheap game like fury which is the same thing pretty much, plus the music is better and you have swords too. Thanks but no thanks.

  • leonard eichmann
    leonard eichmann

    Somehow this reminds me of Archero, the mobile game

  • Angelo Jesus Olivari Castro
    Angelo Jesus Olivari Castro

    Me recuerda a Nex machina

  • AdWid

    reminds me of... Cuphead

  • Mugetsui

    Looks kinda like Furi, though id be impressed if it were as good

  • R RunyonMusic
    R RunyonMusic

    Looks like that iPhone Game "Archero"

  • simone mottola
    simone mottola

    60 € for this is a scam

  • Pancho007

    Ojalá tenga cooperativo local

  • Pancho007

    More easy more Slowly DLC

  • Yojanni ever Romero sifuentes
    Yojanni ever Romero sifuentes

    Tobi is that you Boo!

  • lazyreuvin

    The game play looks like it will frustrate the crap out of me. Hold the shoot button and move around the screen trying not to get hit. Next fight repeat but with different attack patterns to dodge...

  • Snake of Rivia
    Snake of Rivia

    Looks dope!

  • WithoutTheJuice

    say no more i’m already in

  • Sunbreaker7

    Hades DLC... Wait, nope.

  • Magneisuem Winterjuice
    Magneisuem Winterjuice



    Hades-like thumbnail but not Hades DLC 💔

  • Fatkul Nugroho P.
    Fatkul Nugroho P.

    Shooting nonstop game

  • Oradio10


  • UrgersDogsbeef

    Neat, I was just wondering what happened to Profane

  • アヤミカオル

    Reminds me of Furi can be fun

  • saintrebellious

    Another one of these again

  • Nanda Dewangga
    Nanda Dewangga

    Looks like frustating

  • Anina González
    Anina González

    Fantasia ✨✨✨

  • Master Vos
    Master Vos

    Soo this game looks like you just hold down one button the whole time your playing it. Fun

  • NOT SiIvaGunner
    NOT SiIvaGunner

    Bernard: Did someone say G O D S P E E D S T R I K E?!

  • DG00


  • wisnhu ariestanto
    wisnhu ariestanto

    great nintendo direct it's the new update mario kart 8 deluxe new emblem diddy kong new characters diddy kong new voice diddy kong new 3 customization kabuki dasher bodies, red b dasher bodies and black b dasher bodies it's mario kart 8 deluxe coming for nintendo direct may 2021

  • Richie Anthony
    Richie Anthony

    Kinda looks like Hades but Hades sucks and this doesn't so

    • Zezinesh Mrkusich
      Zezinesh Mrkusich

      hades looks so much nicer than this...

  • No 6ixgod
    No 6ixgod

    I got more contents than Nintendo No cap 🧢

  • Leo M
    Leo M

    This game looks like furi in every aspect I’m interested now !!

  • ItsKapow


  • n


  • n

    I think I've been hating Nintendo ti much

  • n


  • n

    I feel dead inside

  • Argenis Rodriguez
    Argenis Rodriguez


  • Q'veo?

    Obito eres tú? XD

  • Schlatt Coin
    Schlatt Coin

    Is this a rouge like

  • Mr God
    Mr God

    I didn’t strike no, not yet!

  • Kade Brockhausen
    Kade Brockhausen

    "We have Hades at home"

  • Dolphin

    looks cool, hope its good

  • Metalllhead


  • Parker Olson
    Parker Olson

    this looks like Hades if Hades was bad

  • Haruhi Suzumiya
    Haruhi Suzumiya

    bullethell hades

  • typer meme
    typer meme

    Video 7 Of asking nintendo for F-Zero on switch (I sure did miss a lot)

  • Dion Baker Jr.
    Dion Baker Jr.

    The main picture looks like the art style of Wizards of Legend.

  • kartoffel_32

    Looks interesting but also kind of empty. :/ I wish they'd add a bit more detail to the world since now it just looks like a mobile game. But I'm gonna check it out anyway.

  • Jaiden Drew
    Jaiden Drew

    I feel like this is a mobile ripoff of hades -time is your currency and healthbar -aka i have to grind and get enough attack to beat a boss by mashing a button while standing there until time runs out -also, loooks like there's reused footage/assets mixed feelings bout this one

  • abdağus aslan
    abdağus aslan

    dear nintendo officials produce turkish ravioli edition for nintendo switch

  • אלון כהן
    אלון כהן

    give this comment a like if you want more Kirby games an nintendo switch

  • Quency Vidal
    Quency Vidal

    If this game is more then 15$ I ain't even considering a purchase

  • Choi tendo
    Choi tendo

    Bad timing... without MHrise, I would definitely play this!

  • Majid E
    Majid E

    I feel like this game has no sort of character upgrades just a go and fight sort of deal which is a little disappointing to me

  • Mr Todd
    Mr Todd

    Someone really liked Hades

  • Miragedramon. One Vision.
    Miragedramon. One Vision.

    Everybody with Hades’ Vibes... But I’m the only one who thinks that this has more Touhou/Danmaku Vibes.

  • The One
    The One

    godstrike-the revenge of uchiha obito

  • Matthew Clokus
    Matthew Clokus

    This does feel a lot like Hades

  • David2278

    Time is literally money. That's actually pretty cool.

  • Aidan Hubbard
    Aidan Hubbard

    Typical Nintendo Indy crap

  • CAPCOM784


  • Gabriel Karapondo
    Gabriel Karapondo

    What’s up with youtube commenters thinking the most recent game in a given genre invented that genre? Hades did not invent twin stick dungeon crawlers lmao

    • Dashnyam Bayan
      Dashnyam Bayan

      Well you see not that popular genre of games well compare to the main stream stuff don’t reach the eyes of the casual gamers and when a game from that unpopular genre rises to the top of the chain they think ohh so this a new genre and I like it others must be inspired or copied them

  • Gold Whip
    Gold Whip

    Omg I thought this was something to do with Hades😂

  • Kchewz

    Hades + Furi

  • George Vanous
    George Vanous

    Awesome to see *Godstrike* published by Freedom! Games on the official Nintendo IRbin channel :-)

  • Shado

    Ummmm yeah....goodluck to who is gonna play this game

  • Grifleep

    Is this like playing as a furi sister?

  • DreamWeaver

    Looks like a good free game

  • Michael McGlade
    Michael McGlade

    Not something I would personally enjoy, but it looks cool and I appreciate seeing new titles.

  • Àlex Barber Cortell
    Àlex Barber Cortell

    Pinta bien

  • Gabriel Gonçalves
    Gabriel Gonçalves

    Graphics are really nice, but the time limit gameplay will throw off a lot of potential players. Not a smart decision since a lot of people avoid stressful timers on games.

  • Benjamin Burns
    Benjamin Burns

    The time being health thing is kinda like N.

  • mxporygon2

    I remember playing this game, but it was called Profane, it's not on the eshop anymore, Do anyone know what happened to that game?

    • Gogoluz Light
      Gogoluz Light

      Is the same one.

  • Gayle Mathiesonk keta
    Gayle Mathiesonk keta

    And please make it all luggage 27

  • Gayle Mathiesonk keta
    Gayle Mathiesonk keta

    Please make yokai watch 5 Please

  • Jack Severus
    Jack Severus

    This looks absolutely badass!

  • FrostyMcFreeze

    Thought we were getting a Hades sequel or DLC

  • JJ Williams
    JJ Williams


  • Player Three
    Player Three

    This looks neat!

  • Dylan McChesney
    Dylan McChesney

    This looks sick, difficult but sick

  • Galagator Games
    Galagator Games

    If the gameplay is tight, this looks like it will be a very good game

  • Ambushing Antonio
    Ambushing Antonio

    Nintendo plz add waluigi to smash bros

  • Bart en Tim Renders
    Bart en Tim Renders

    Comes Friday Night Funkin' on the Switch?

  • Edvin Vinter
    Edvin Vinter

    Just wanna say that the character in the thumbnail looks like Obito from shippuden

    • Cordell Hawkins
      Cordell Hawkins


    • Jude Greaves
      Jude Greaves

      Exactly what I was thinking! Literally checked the comments to see if it was just me lol

  • The Z Family
    The Z Family

    Looks like hades mixed with wizards of legend

  • Verkku Serkku
    Verkku Serkku

    So it’s hades but more shooting

  • Fer V
    Fer V

    I hope one day a jojo's game will come out for nintendo switch

  • Complete Filler
    Complete Filler

    Looks fun

  • Bamo Comics
    Bamo Comics

    Hades.... The Two'd!

  • DizzyHungry

    The ost needs some more umpf imo

  • Adam Prenger
    Adam Prenger

    I assumed this was related to Creature in the Well.

    • EverlastingHorizon

      Same, the character on the thumbnail looked like one of the machine's engineer

  • Arvid

    I want it.