Alli arrives for Fortnite Crew Members in April - Nintendo Switch
From the catwalk to the Island, Alli struts with style into the Fortnite Crew in April!
Join Fornite Crew to get exclusive Crew Packs plus 1,000 V-Bucks and the Battle Pass!
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  • Sussyboy69 Joe420
    Sussyboy69 Joe420

    Not funny

  • Espia Peruano Pro Gamer Free Fire Papu Gameplays:v
    Espia Peruano Pro Gamer Free Fire Papu Gameplays:v

    Everyone: wheres jonesy Nintendo: Oops! All Fire Emblem!

  • Knight Guy
    Knight Guy

    Imagine someone saying: HeY gUyS iM pArT oF fOrTnItE cReW

  • HallowLitten101

    Worst April fools joke

  • wisnhu ariestanto
    wisnhu ariestanto

    isn't it a bird is it a plane it's the mario kart 8 deluxe is it new characters karts and gliders the diddy kong voice sound like this change a karts you get kabuki dasher, red b dasher and last but not least black b dasher change a gliders blizzard parasol and last but not least blizzard balloons to get diddy kong voice sound like this you finishline 1st if don have need 1st just for 2nd and 3rd diddy kong voice sound like this you if don bad we're lose diddy kong voice sound like this we'll pick your characters mario kart 8 deluxe may 23th summer in your nintendo direct features upcoming 2021

  • kuZ0l1Fu


  • David’s Playroom
    David’s Playroom

    I wish this was an April fools joke...

    • Kralla krulla
      Kralla krulla


  • 9000 Overall
    9000 Overall

    People in this comment session are really screaming and crying as they are in utter denial, spamming “It’s April fools !” thousand times because they see a game they really hate.

  • Briana Johnson
    Briana Johnson

    is this supposed to tell us that Fortnite is just a big April Fools Joke?

  • Some oof doof
    Some oof doof

    I'm seeing more effort into the trailer then the skin

  • Toad Judges you
    Toad Judges you

    You no deep down in our rotting hearts and minds that some poor kid thinks Nintendo should give out only fortnite related stuff 5 times everyday

  • Toad Judges you
    Toad Judges you

    This is the reason god hates nintendo

  • okidai

    wooow breath of the wild 2 looks so good 😮

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

    Can you make another for Yoshi Game? Can you Provide? Be in Japanese & American English. On The Nintendo Switch. This Yoshi Series They are Yoshi's Crafted World on Switch. (1) Can you all call it "Yoshi's Crafted World Forbidden Zone for Nintendo Switch? Can you release in October 2024? (2) Can you all call it "Yoshi's Crafted World The Other Side of the Book for Nintendo Switch? Can you release in August 2025? (3) Can you all call it "Yoshi's Crafted World Hold My Hand for Nintendo Switch? Can you release in February 2026? Can you work with Nintendo Teams, HAL Laboratory, Good-Feel, Nintendo EAD Tokyo, Valve, Portal 1 Team Square Enix, and Retro Studios? On Nintendo.

  • Lauren Lost
    Lauren Lost


  • mikebornleader11

    @nintendo my crew bundle isn’t working with my switch

  • Jornal - Miguel Gamer
    Jornal - Miguel Gamer

    What We Do Mario Is Not Come Back

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
    Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Great game.

  • Devin Cruz
    Devin Cruz

    What was the name, Alli? Cool cool, I'll disappear for a few minutes now.

  • Vault Traveler
    Vault Traveler

    They completely ignored face expressions. She moves but her face is void of any emotions. (Well fitting for this game)

  • Joltachu

    April fools

  • Voice of Midnight
    Voice of Midnight

    Wow, that ratio!

  • 9 baka
    9 baka

    I dont know who this are 😅 and i dont care so mich sbout that also i didnt know why im commenting this

  • Chalice Blade
    Chalice Blade

    Genshin when?

  • Егор Б
    Егор Б

    And there are also a lot of bugs in the update

  • devil ze313
    devil ze313

    nintendo really do be making people laufhn't i see

  • Егор Б
    Егор Б

    After schedule update sucks

  • Apsxs09 The bobox youtuber
    Apsxs09 The bobox youtuber

    SAVE MARIO please

  • Chris_TheAwsomeBoi N
    Chris_TheAwsomeBoi N

    FORTNITE SUCKS And Stop Saying Mario Is Dead He Isnt Its Just Nintendo Who Got Rid Of Super Mario 3D All Stars And Game And Watch Color

  • ang3l921


  • Dylan Peila
    Dylan Peila

    Nintendo be doin the floss on Mario's grave

  • Sadie The Sweet Girl
    Sadie The Sweet Girl

    $19 dollar fortnite card

  • Shane O'Reardon
    Shane O'Reardon

    nobody cares

  • secrect7777 shadow12
    secrect7777 shadow12

    I hate nintendo i hate u sooooo much why did u have to add membeship i dont care if u dont see this but lots of people will agree with me

  • Joseph Navor
    Joseph Navor

    We furry

  • Slendeff

    JAJA APRIL FOOLS JAJAJAjajaa... Isn't a joke right?

  • Fer Cheems M.
    Fer Cheems M.

    Where's freddy in smash?

  • Foxy Faction
    Foxy Faction

    Put Tricky from Madness combat into smash

  • Gnarfledarf


  • Lord bugs
    Lord bugs

    I don't like fortnite but this is a cool looking skin.

  • Cole Sarookanian
    Cole Sarookanian

    I like fortnite

  • ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation
    ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation

    Mario: dies Nintendo: HeY fOrTnItE, gUyS!

  • Q

    wanna hear an april fools joke nintendo gonna release a new f-zero game someday

  • Fresno Nightcrawler
    Fresno Nightcrawler

    I don't get the joke

  • Philip Brownman
    Philip Brownman

    Rule34 artists: Ah this'll make a fine addition to our collection

    • Captain Pillager
      Captain Pillager


  • G- man
    G- man

    Oh boy i can't wait to use my mother credit card to buy this skin!

  • セル

    It's ammusing that half of the comments talks about mario's dissapointment Im in the mario side for now


    I thought you where talking about @AliA

  • To Mo
    To Mo

    This is Nintendo's april fool joke. Huh?

  • Liam

    This made a Rule 34 artist draw something so unholy God left us.

    • Justin World
      Justin World

      @Liam sure bud

    • Liam

      @Justin World ehmmm... a friend told me...

    • Justin World
      Justin World

      how do you know this forbidden fact?

  • ALAN ˆ ̆ˆ
    ALAN ˆ ̆ˆ

    The video cool 👍

    • Matto must Splatto
      Matto must Splatto

      aha *get out of nintendo right now*

  • Chocolate Chip
    Chocolate Chip

    Femboys 😳

  • Master Guelson! ツ
    Master Guelson! ツ

    I hate fornite

    • Matto must Splatto
      Matto must Splatto

      me to buddy

  • Chaydan Morgan
    Chaydan Morgan

    Revive mario

  • Sandro Casura
    Sandro Casura

    I didn’t know fortnite had drag queens

    • Sandro Casura
      Sandro Casura

      @Leon Sketchley thighs, calves all the way Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    • Leon Sketchley
      Leon Sketchley

      @Sandro Casura everyday is leg day! Monday Tuesday Wednesday!

    • Sandro Casura
      Sandro Casura

      @Leon Sketchley but my legs where too long!

    • Leon Sketchley
      Leon Sketchley

      They *tried* to put me on the cover of ✨vogue ✨!

  • Turtle Turtle
    Turtle Turtle

    Whoopdie doo, more fortnite

  • Vadex


  • Alex Chai
    Alex Chai

    Is this a joke

    • Matto must Splatto
      Matto must Splatto

      sadly, no. even sadder, its on marios death day

  • Raantje xx
    Raantje xx

    please do the 30 seconds record in fortnite!!!

  • Victini Captain
    Victini Captain

    cool. Hey, can you guys make the 30 seconds record in fortnite????

  • Balboa Baggins
    Balboa Baggins

    This channel needs more dislikes and less subs.

  • Radiated Retr0
    Radiated Retr0

    Me: Can I get Apex Legends? Mom: We have Apex Legends at home Apex Legends at home:

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley

    Wtf am I looking at?

  • cyan57

    Nintendo: *Kills Mario* Nintendo: "Fortnite."

    • Pfosti

      @Turtle Turtle supposed to be the sad truth, I guess

    • Turtle Turtle
      Turtle Turtle

      Is this supposed to be a haha?

  • thunderous flash
    thunderous flash

    I I had the previous one and now he gave it to me for free but it was v-buks if I leave and buy it, I'll have it again, won't I?

  • Trickster Outlander Gamer
    Trickster Outlander Gamer

    Mario’s death is a April Fools Day joke!

  • 弥彦Yahiko

    It looks like one of the ARMS characters...

  • Buddy Christ
    Buddy Christ

    Who is this character and why does she have a fishbone staff, a mousehead and cat ears?

  • Tey Gaming
    Tey Gaming


  • Christian Castaneda
    Christian Castaneda

    Why does she have the Hide the Pain Harold face

  • Petter Nilsen
    Petter Nilsen

    You killed Mario, I can't wait to see what you gonna do to Zelda........

  • Jose Canseco
    Jose Canseco

    Hey!! Where is Zelda 35 Anniversary??? 🤡👌🏽

  • James Bush
    James Bush

    Mario died for this?

  • colonel frogs
    colonel frogs


  • Alexander Redhorse
    Alexander Redhorse

    reporting switch users Seth, noYtEmpire, and MeatLoaf for blatant cheating and network manipulation.

  • Pickle

    Whats with people commenting Mario died. Did I miss something?

  • Joshua Zavala
    Joshua Zavala

    I Clicked Fast Cause I Thought It Was Gonna Be A April Fool’s Prank 🥲

  • Thomas Ingram
    Thomas Ingram

    Getting excueted on March 31st is one thing, but getting replaced with a generic furry from fartnite? That is a fate that no one should suffer.

  • Noobie Toons
    Noobie Toons

    Bowsers Fury dlc?


    Stop it. That thing is ugly and u can't be tell me otherwise

  • Daniel64

    Nintendo, are you delteing mario? Please dont, i am a huge fan of him :( -Daniel64

  • kingfrozenghost

    Are we forgetting the fact that Marth was also executed??

  • Yasha KeroKeroppi
    Yasha KeroKeroppi

    April Fools is fun :)

  • Orang Hue
    Orang Hue

    No! Nuh-uh! *YOU KILLED MARIO*

  • Sceribbb 2
    Sceribbb 2

    No Luigi this doesn't mean wario is your new friend we will find a compromise some way...

    • phantom king
      phantom king

      Something called NINTENDO FANBOYS (And fangirls)

  • Christian Recinos
    Christian Recinos

    I wish these comments could shut up already

    • Oshabot 16
      Oshabot 16


  • Candymemer


  • Playsm64

    Thats a funny april fools joke

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams

    What is there addiction with cat and llama skins

  • Pixel

    I'm confused someone please tell me why everyone is talking about Mario's funeral

    • WRJ WRJ
      WRJ WRJ

      @spades in 3D prove it post an official Nintendo link about that

    • spades in 3D
      spades in 3D

      he got covid and died they’re not making any more mario games no mroe

    • WRJ WRJ
      WRJ WRJ

      It is just a stupid thing people are saying because 3D all stars stop sales that day and people are just overreacting over it, Mario is not dead, he is getting a golf game in June

  • Oshabot 16
    Oshabot 16


  • Kayla Ogden
    Kayla Ogden

    Luigi is grieving over the death of his brother and you're airing Fortnite ads.

    • 9000 Overall
      9000 Overall

      Because he’s not really dead, also if it’s not a Fortnite trailer you will not said that.

  • Jonno Plays
    Jonno Plays

    What am I even looking at?

    • Bald Goku
      Bald Goku

      @NEATNARWAL fortnite isn’t underrated, it’s one of the most popular games of all time, it is overhated tho by people who’ve never played the game lol


      @Razor yeah. i personally love the game and think its under rated. the skin looks ugly in my opinion

    • Razor

      @NEATNARWAL So you’re talking about the bundle instead of the game?


      @Razor i dont hate the game. the skin sucks tho

    • Razor

      I thought hate over any game will subside every year, I was wrong. The hate must end.

  • JM Revelo
    JM Revelo

    yeah right nice try! april fools

  • Razor

    A *Fortnite* video, uploaded in *April 1st* , the day after *March 31st* , when *Mario* is gone. This is it. This comment section will have the highest concentration of “Fortnite bad” spams out of any Fortnite video in Nintendo. Time to wear our hazmat suits, and maybe stop them.

    • 9000 Overall
      9000 Overall

      We genuinely have to stop them because now they’re spamming the same denials and joke over and over again, they probably are raging and scream because they legitimately think Mario is literally dead while they hated Fortnite like raging beasts.

  • Robbie

    they have furries in this game now

  • STV 003
    STV 003

    Video recommended for me? Nice try at an April Fool's prank. I was never going to care enough to believe it.

  • Leight E
    Leight E

    Is this Ali A?

  • Giginewt

    Heh nice April fools.

  • S̆̈M̆̈M̆̈2 M̆̈ĭ̈c̆̈k̆̈ĕ̈y̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈k̆̈Y̆̈T̆̈
    S̆̈M̆̈M̆̈2 M̆̈ĭ̈c̆̈k̆̈ĕ̈y̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈k̆̈Y̆̈T̆̈

    Nintendo why.. this game isn't good (in my opinion) anymore! :/